Genital hair removal

OK - I tried this on IMHO, but what I need are answers, not opinions. I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for this question, but I don’t know where else to go.

Does anyone know of a safe way to remove hair from the male genital area? I am not interested in shaving (Heard the stubble is painful for the ladies and very uncomfortable for the guy), and plucking sounds a bit too time consuming. From what I can tell, there is waxing, sugaring, and Nair (though it seems this is a bit risky…). I searched the net for an answer, but no site addresses this specific region of the body. Can any one help me out here?



There is a thread on another message board that might be of some help.

Thanks, funneefarmer.

Apologies to all concerned for posting a dead horse.

Speaking from, ahem, experience, Nair seems perfectly safe as long as you do not leave it on for too long or have unprotected sex immediately thereafter. Trust me, I know.

Also speaking from experience, I can tell you that shaving isn’t all that bad. It itches like hell for about a week but afterward you get used to it, and as for the ladies, I have received no complaints from my girlfriend (who actually perfers it). As long as you keep it up, that is - grow more than 48 hrs worth of stubble and it will drive you insane.

In fact, shaving this particular area is a LOT more comfortable for me than shaving the beard, which no matter how much I prepare the beard, I can’t do more than every third day without lots of blood and pain.

Which leads me to a bit of a hijack: anyone know how to get rid of beard hair without shaving? I’ve heard Nair can easily cause blindness if accidentally mishandled, and I’m afraid the hair is too stiff and dense for waxing. Is there a safer alternative, or a way to get rid of it altogether (I can’t have a beard at work anyway).

If you’re haviing that much trouble shaving your face I’d have to wager that you’re doing it wrong. There’s been quite a few threads posted here about shaving and a quick search should turn them up. I have a very, very coarse beard and could probably grow a full beard in about 15 minutes if I put my mind to it, but I shave every morning with nary a nick or a cut. Take your time, use plenty of water, don’t shave against the grain, and don’t be a cheapskate and use razorblades past their prime.