Genius Contractors thoughts please OSB, plywood and a leak....

Had an undetected hot water leak under my kitchen and bathroom space, about 14’ x 28’ rectangle both sections combined.

When discovered after a huge electric bill I went under house to find basically a Sauna.

The entire underneath of the house was a steam room from the hot water constantly leaking. This leak lasted no Less than 6 weeks and perhaps could have been leaking as long as 8 weeks, in the crawl space the bottom of the flooring in the entire 14 foot by 28 foot area was DRIPPING water…

The areas in kitchen after leak stopped and I had a company dry it out warped. The kitchen is plywood under 1" or so OSB sheeting
The Bathroom area is OSB over OSB.

There are distortions under the bathroom linoleum, but much less prominent than the kitchen area that has plywood under-sheeting.

There is no longer moisture detected in bathroom flooring but there are distortions, the kitchen was a must do due to the major warpage.

Question: Should the entire flooring and sub-flooring be replaced by my insurance company, including underneath existing counters etc… Or just the areas that are visibly warped?

I have water damage coverage, and they want to make it right, but the restoration company is not doing the job I had imagined they would and I want to get attention to this before it’s too late to make it totally correct back to before the leak.

They said they’re not touching the bathroom because it’s 6 weeks later after leak repairs and drying out, and they detected no more water in the bathroom… Yet the floor isn’t normal anymore under the linoleum.
Thanks for any advice if you can read my gibberish


Gary (koolminx)

If it were me I would replace the sub-floor. But are you sure you want to make an insurance claim over it?

FYI, AdvanTech[sup]®[/sup] flooring is the best stuff you can buy, even better than traditional plywood. It is very strong and extremely moisture-resistant. Not cheap, but worth it.

Hardie makes a cement backer board for wet areas.

Yes. Because I cannot afford to do the repairs myself I definitely want to make an insurance claim because it is covered for lost by water damage in my policy I just paid 750 deductible and there’s over 520 ft.² of flooring that need replaced I just want to question the integrity of the OSB and get the house back to what it was