Genocide of 8,000 = 46 years in prison? WTF?

This Reuters Article indicates that Serbian General Radislav Krstic was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 46 years in prison. Now, I know that the EU is against capital punishment, and since this guy is 53 years old he’ll most likely die in prison if he serves out the entire sentence. However:

  1. Wouldn’t life imprisonment with no hope of parole have been more appropriate, considering how many people were killed as per his orders? Admittedly, I’m looking at this from a US point of view, but it still seems unbelievably lenient (let’s try to keep this in GQ, though; I’m seeking answers rather than opinions).
  2. What exactly is the parole sitation like for prisoners like this, and for prisoners in EU countries in general?

The reason why he “only” got 46 years is, according to someone who just commented it on the radio, that the court saves life sentences to the big shots like Milosevic, Radic and the like. And IMO 46 yers seems a long time.

What, they only have a limited amount life sentences? Are they afraid they will get “used up” before they try Milosevic? Seems kind of silly.

Obviously it is just for appearance that they are saving the “life sentences” for the big shots. Rank has its privileges, you know.[list][list][list][list][list][list][list]:rolleyes:

The clue might lie in the article phrase “for his role.” You suggest that he ordered the deaths, but that might not be the case. Further, the judge said:

I suspect that the court found that he could have prevented the deaths, or that he had some level of responsibility for what happened.