Gentleman Jack on HBO

A new show about a strong-willed and iconoclastic lesbian in 1832 England, based on a true story. My wife and I have been enjoying it. A good cast and interesting plot. The lead character breaks the fourth wall now and then, which is fun.

Anyone else watching it?

I like it so far though I find the idea that Anne (the Gentleman Jack Anne, there are two Annes/Ann? ) just decides immediately that the other Ann will be her wife and goes about seducing her to be a bit…predatory (and would think the same of a man doing the same thing but maybe its a time period thing). The characters are good, watching them to react and often relate to Anne’s being herself is interesting. The creator, Sally Wainwright, also did Happy Valley which is one of my favorite shows for it’s dark humor and complex characters- this seems to be similar in that way so I expect I will continue to enjoy it.

That exactly. She’s measuring herself by the status of the men around her, with all their rights and privileges

And arrogance and sense of entitlement.

For all the sniping her younger sister does, I really liked how pleased and proud she looked when Anne so confidently bossed around the coal-mining guy.

I’m enjoying it so far. The sets and costumes are to die for!

Watching last night’s episode I was trying to figure out how they made Suranne Jones look so convincingly masculine. They’ve exaggerated her eyebrows, but I think they’ve added a bit to her nose. My sister still has an old episode of Scott and Bailey on the dvr, and we are pretty sure they did. Good make-up job, too!

Wait - have you seen it? I didn’t think it had aired in the UK yet.

I’ve got it in my HBO Spain subscription (which works from France, yay!). Searching for gentleman in hbo uk doesn’t show it, but I can’t tell if it’s due to bad indexation or unavailability.

Only the trailer, but there was a TV documentary and news articles about Anne Lister that made that point abundantly clear.

It hasn’t aired - they’ve started running trailers on BBC1 which means it must be a week or two away yet.

There was also a British TV movie nine years ago on the same topic - haven’t seen it: The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister - Wikipedia

Just finished S1 and enjoyed it, although the younger woman’s indecision and wishy-washiness as Miss Lister courted her became very frustrating after awhile. Thought it ended on a good note, and am glad to hear it’s been approved for a second season:

I hope in S2 she more aggressively takes on the plump, smug rich guy who’s been stealing her coal, and squashes him like a bug.

Very glad to hear it was renewed- I was very happy with the entire season. I even started watching Scott & Bailey again to watch more of Suranne Jones acting. I especially liked the season finale - everything about it from her meeting the Queen of (Netherlands?) , the white gown and Anne striding through the ballroom and the reunion between her and Miss Walker was entertaining and touching.

Yes, agreed. And it was the Queen of Denmark (they were in Copenhagen): Marie of Hesse-Kassel - Wikipedia

Thank you! I couldn’t quite remember if she was in Amsterdam or somewhere else.

I liked the series and am glad to see it renewed.

I too thought she was pretty predatory but she absolutely was emulating the way men treated women in the time.

Seems like her relationship with her sister eased up a bit towards the end of the episodes.

I was a bit turned on by Anne, even though I’m a straight woman. I think I dig androgyny. She looked fantastic!

Ditto! I wasn’t familiar with Suranne Jones prior to this and was surprised how feminine(and young) she looks IRL. For me it’s not the character’s androgynous look, though; it’s her confidence and charisma.

Also, I absolutely adore the closing theme song. Stays in your head for hours, it does.

If you like Suranne Jones, you should catch Doctor Foster - about a doctor who’s life spins out of control when her philandering husband leaves. She’s amazing in it. There’s two series worth.

And yes, she’s supremely hot as Miss Lister, I feel amply qualified to comment, being a lesbian myself (strong, powerful women are super sexy, and the dazzling smile doesn’t hurt). Her girlfriend, on the other hand, is not sexy at all as a result of her patheticness.

I caught an episode of it when I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t realize it was HBO–I thought it was a British show and was hoping I’d be able to find it on DVD eventually to buy and watch the whole thing.

Thanks for the tip; I will definitely check it out. SJ just has a certain something. . .

Agreed, the limp rag love interest is an irritant. It seems like we should be meant to like her but, whether it’s the actress herself or some choice made by the director, I like her not!:stuck_out_tongue: I’d rather see Miss Lister move on to a different lucky lady.

Me, too, as a straight guy, but my wife, teenage son and I all agreed that her usual hairstyle - with the curls on each side - looked a bit ridiculous.