Gentlemen: Do you remember your first real tie?

My father taught me to tie a tie but standing behind me and tying it for the same reason. He couldn’t do so looking at me. I taught my son the same way though I’ve hardly wore a tie since he was born 40 years ago.

I wore ties starting at church when I was in about 3rd grade, but I have no recollection of what the tie was. I do recall having and liking several knit, square bottom ties.

Not a church-goer and not a uniform-requiring-school-goer, so my first real tie was a red Shantung silk tie gotten for use at the Frosh-Soph Dance (c1962). Same as OldGuy, I was taught by my dad standing behind me, while looking in the mirror.

Hell, I think I still have it!

Why does this turn me on? :confused:


Nope, not at all, but I do have an tie story I always like sharing. I, like many others I think, tend to just loosen ties and slip them off and avoid the whole tying thing altogether. All of my ties had been tied forever. If I got a new one or one was untied, I’d have my dad do it. And again I think this is common, he’d either tie it on himself then hand it to me or I’d stand in front of him and he’d do it that way. I don’t think many people can (easily) tie someone else’s tie.

Fast forward to my grandmother’s funeral. I’m walking in to the visitation (I’m about 25 BTW). I haven’t tied my tie yet. I’m annoyed that it wasn’t done ahead of time. My GF is annoyed that I’m walking in and still not totally dressed. I mumbled something about having to go and find my dad to get him to help my tie my tie. The guy standing there when you walk in overhears this and says “Here, I can do it” takes it, wraps it around my neck and a few seconds later it’s perfectly tied to which I replied 'huh, most people can’t tie a tie from the front like that…oh, right, got it".
(Get it, he’s an undertaker/funeral director, tying ties on other [dead] people while facing them is just part of his job)

Just to show you how much of a stuffed shirt I am, I remember the first necktie I received as a gift from a woman I was dating. It was in high school.

Loike a couple of other Brits, I wore a school tie from the age of five, although I probably didn’t tie it myself for a year or two, when gym classes started and we’d all have to change.
By around 1970 I was wearing things like this to church, etc., but a bit more swirly as I recall. All long gone now though!