Geocacheing-like help requested in the Ottawa, Canada area

Bear with me.

I was browsing the toy aisle at a North Carolina Walmart yesterday, and I came across a toy I had never seen before. It was a Mega Bloks set based on the Call of Duty games. This was specifically the Call of Duty Heavy armor Outpost Mega Bloks set. The box is pictured in this Toys-R-Us add:

On the lower left corner of the box, there is a set of Latitude/Longitude Coordinates, specifically what looks like 45.433876 N, 75.631058 W. My WAG was that this was approximately the upstate New York area, but I was slightly off. Google places the coordinates in Ottawa, a few meters off of the street, but outside the person’s fence line.,+75.631058+W&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x4cce0ff348fefd87:0xe4260b4e7098b27b,1080+Ambercrest+St,+Ottawa,+ON+K1J+1G3,+Canada&gl=us&sa=X&ei=X7roU-mOO7HfsASU7ILIAg&ved=0CBQQ8gEoADAA

If any Doper in the area could drive by and have a look to see what is so special about those coordinates, I would be in your debt. Bonus points if you ring the doorbell and ask. The only thing that I can offer in return is my eternal gratitude, and possibly my services as a tour guide in the Washington DC area, about an hour from where I live.

It looks like it is pointing to the supermailbox (neighbourhood mailbox) that is on the side of road just beside that house. Google the coordinates and look slightly to the left (red and silver box along the white fence). That is where we Canadians pick up our mail. (formerly only in newer subdivisions (<40 years old) but soon to be everywhere.)

Good catch. There appears to be a note taped to the supermailbox, as well as something attached to the side.

More research shows that Mega-brands NA headquarters is in Montreal which is about 180 KM from this location. A bit of a long commute, but it is possible someone put a hidden secret there.

Well, it is a neighbourhood meeting spot, so it’s not unusual to see “lost dog” type notices taped to them.

It is in the other end of the city from me, but I may try to pop by later this week and see if there is anything interesting there. you have made me curious. :cool:


That sounds interesting. How does it work? Do you all have keys/codes to the box? Are there sub compartments inside to which each address has its own, restricted access? Or is it open slather to the entire neighbourhood’s post, with the honour system at work?

Huh? The honour system for a postal service?
Canadian Superboxes

I can’t get the whole page linked, Google “Canadian Superboxes” to see the Post Office lobbies without a building.

No, it isn’t the honour system. It looks like this with a number of locked sections. You get a key for your own little box. It’s like a PO box system except they’re stationed in the neighbourhood.

Interesting - Call of Duty Alpine Rangers has 45.416855 N, 73.623143 W on the box. Again, it’s a neighborhood, but there’s a light pole on the corner with some markings.

Looking at some more: Seal Team is at 45.544734 N, 73.878434 W which doesn’t have anything remarkable.

The answer appears to be at Call of Duty - US Features, although the pictures of these locations don’t really make sense. Perhaps someone has an open box with more pictures inside. Nonetheless, a very cool mystery!

The scene may well appear in a COD 1 or 2 standard map.
They probably just lifted the coordinates straight from the map they were looking at,
not realising that its impossible for anyone to go from GPS coord back to the map… Maybe they were looking at a Zombie custom map, one IS in Ottawa.