Geography Question

Here’s a question for any geography buffs… if you stood on the southernmost tip of Tybee Island, Georgia, USA and travelled in a straight line due south, how far would you travel before you reached the equator? Similarly, if you stood in the CBD of Brisbane, Australia, and travelled in a straight line due north, how far before you reach said equator?


Brisbane’s latitude is about 27º29’ S, so that makes it roughly 3,050 kms south of the equator.

I assume from your question that it’s about the same distance south as the Georgian island is north.

The southernmost tip of Tybee Island, GA is at approx. 31º59’ N, so the distance to the equator is about 3560km.

Cunctator is right about Brisbane’s latitude, so Tybee Island’s quite a bit further from the equator.

If it helps, Bradenton (Florida) is about the same distance north of the equator as Brisbane is south.

I got 3041km from Brisbane and 3540km from Tybee Island. These were both done with a distance calculator here at work based on the WGS84 datum. You want better you’ll have to get better lat longs.