George Bush and World Banc

I was watching a news program a few days ago on how World Banc was buying water rights in deselate areas and water utilities in the U.S. With no suprise to me, George Bush supports this. World Banc is taking water that people in very remote areas with maybe one water hole are now paying for it instead of getting it for free. These people might make maybe 2 dollars a week or most likely less and have to pay for a necessity. A man from California said when World Banc took over the utility water services just got worst. Water is a necessity and if people can’t get it because it costs too much money they will kill for their family to survive.

What is the world banc? I googled it but came with nothing.

I don’t know, but I’m in favor of free water!

I believe what the OP is trying to refer to is the World Bank’s assertion that privatization of water resources is a good thing. Read a critique of that policy here.

If you Google for “world bank water privatization,” it will lead you to a lot of articles like this one, which describe the consequences of this approach in poor countries.

The reference to a man in California, on the other hand, has me completely baffled.