George Costanza's Frogger Record Finally Broken

Twin Galaxies, the arcade-turned-video game scorekeeping organization made famous in the movie The King of Kong, reports that on New Year’s Day 2010, Pat Laffaye of Westport, Connecticut, set a new high score on the classic arcade game Frogger of 896,980, breaking the previous record set sometime in the 1980s at a New York pizza parlor of 860,630. (In reality, the previous high score was set in 2008, 698,850). Laffaye now has the interesting achievement of having broken both the official Frogger world record and the fictional record made famous in the pentultimate episode of Seinfeld. George’s attempts to keep his record ended less than grandly- his achievement has now been crushed again in quite a different way.

Woo, score one for my home town! I haven’t heard of the guy though.

I was always kind of annoyed how in the Seinfeld episode, Jerry sees GLC on the high score list, even though the real frogger arcade game only let you put in a 2 digit initial.