George Shultz: Sec State under Reagan who did so much to end the Cold War, died at 100 today

I know Reagan isn’t too popular here, but Shultz was a really solid Secretary of State that helped make the world safer by bringing Reagan and Gorbachev together. He served Ike & Nixon also and advised Bush the Elder.

He served honorably in the US Marines in WWII making the rank of Captain.

Earned his PH.D. from MIT in industrial economics.

Under Reagan he did his best work though and was a high point in the questionable legacy of the Reagan Years.

Had my issues with Shultz, but he unquestionably must be credited with, among other things, far and away the best reason ever given for a potential candidate’s decision not to run for President.

He was pretty right wing but not a nut job. He was a executive and later on Bechtel’s board. He was also on Therano’s Board of Directors, lending legitimacy to a complete con job.

He was a 90-something man who got fooled by Elizabeth Holmes and her attack lawyers.

Fortunately, Shultz and his brave whistleblowing grandson patched things up before his passing.

I guess nobody told Putin that the Cold War was over. He’s still fighting, and scored a major win in 2016. His puppet very nearly ended democracy in the US- this time. I think Reagan had nothing to do with the breakup of the USSR and neither he nor Shultz deserve any credit.