George Washingtons dentist

This is a MPSIMS as it gets, but found it kind of fun.

I’m (very,very) distantly related to George Washington’s dentist. Please, please, I know, please be seated.

My 90yo Mothers grandmothers brothers wife’s great uncle was John Greenwood - George Washington’s dentist. Teeth made of hippopotamus tusk according to Wiki.

Huh. That’s sort of fun to know.

I can use this in any debate. Look them in the eye and say, “Do you know that my mothers grandmothers brothers wife’s great uncle was John Greenwood?” and walk away.

This is verified? Cool!

Part of that is by marriage, but still…

Cool info but I’m sad to say the father of our great democracy probably really hated your Mother’s Grandmother’s Brother’s Wife’s Great Uncle with a passion.

I kid, I kid!

I have a family connection to a past POTUS. I ain’t telling it though. We like to keep such things under our hats. :wink:

Seems to be. My mom has been doing for 10 years or so, and has done the 21 and Me DNA stuff. She has been connected with a couple of people (verified by myself, I’ve met them, they are legit [she makes sure I’m there]). I ALWAYS remined her to be VERY, VERY careful. At 90yo, my Mom is still very sharp.

Huh. George Washington’s Dentist. Kind of funny.

Being related to George Washington’s dentist is tre’ cool!

If you or anyone in your current family is a dentist, I would very much like to make an appointment and have a complete set of hippopotamus dentures made for me (I don’t have many teeth left that are in alignment with each other). I don’t need the teeth to be whittled down or reshaped in any way—the original set will suit me just fine.

You say that now, but… I’m related to George Washington’s dentist.

enipla walks away.

It Works!

I so have to get an XKCD of this.