Georgia and NATO

For the past few years, the country of Georgia has been trying to join NATO. If it had been successful, the US and the rest of NATO, now that Georgia has been invaded by Russia, would now be required to come to its aid militarily. Do we really want to send our troops to die in a fight over who gets North Ossettia? Is it time to rethink who we admit to NATO?

I meant, of course, South Ossettia.

well, Georgia failed to make it into NATO for a reason. So no, probably not time to do quite that. But maybe it is time to think about all the open threads on the implications of the developments in Georgia. There’s now four threads in four forums:

And this here thread, of course.

I think this situation might need a little streamlining here. Mods!

I agree. Since this topic is already being covered elsewhere, I’m closing this thread.