Georgian School to have multi-racial prom

.c The Associated Press

"BUTLER, Ga. (April 20) - Nearly 15 years before Gerica McCrary was born, recently integrated Taylor County High School stopped sponsoring a prom. Parents and students set up their own - one for blacks and one for whites.

The tradition continued for 31 springs in this rural county of 8,800 midway between Columbus and Macon in central Georgia until McCrary asked her fellow juniors to ``stand for what is right’’ and vote to hold one prom for students of all races…"

…About time.

Welcome to 2002. Actually welcome to 1972.

I’d just like to say I’ve never even heard of Butler, Georgia, so it must be fairly podunk, and we’ve been having multi-racial proms in every town I’ve lived as long as I can remember. I’ll be chaperoning one next Saturday night as a matter of fact.

[sub]shrew, who is keeping to herself the tiny fact that her high school was completely white with only one Asian student[/sub]

Shrew, it’s in Taylor County, Southwest of Macon. I’ve never been there, but it does sound pretty rural. Not that that’s any sort of excuse.

I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life and have NEVER heard of schools having two proms. I started school in 1968, not too long after full integration. It never occured to me that the black kids were any different than me other than skin color. Apparently, I’ve been living in a cave.

You mean that up until now they had segregated proms?? I’m blown away. God I’m sheltered.

OpalCat : What I gathered from the OP was that they didn’t have “segregrated proms”. “They”, being the school, had NO prom. It appears that the different sets of students and parents arranged their own, segregated proms, which were technically disassociated from school functions.

This is an oddity. Like many of the others who posted in this thread that live in the Southeast, I’ve never heard of such a thing before now. I live in an area that is as rural as it gets. Proms around here have been integrated for decades.

From what I read this morning in the paper (when I first heard about this) the two prom deal wsn’t a case of the whites keeping the blacks out, or vice-versa; but both groups WANTING it that way. And this year one of the students helping to arrange the proms spoke up and said ‘this is stupid. Let’s just have one prom.’ And the kids all said “Cool. Let’s do it”. They could vote to go back to the two prom system next year, if that’s what the Junior Class (the ones who run the prom) decide they want.