Geraldo, shut the fuck up.

He is so fuckin aggravating. If anyone just caught the stupid shit he pulled on FoxNews, you’re lucky. He came on apologizing all over himself like a bitch, saying how he violated some rules set up by the Pentagon. Then he walks out of his little building and starts yelling at troops asking who they are and who they are with; he is so lame and sensationalistic. I pray to God he is one day exposed for the conceited prick he is.

I will agree with you about Geraldo. I did not see what happened on Fox news, although I heard about it. He was drawing a map in the sand where the U.S. troops were.

Please clue me in more. I intended to do my own research post on it, but I can incorporate it into this rant if you let me know the details. Other than being a stupid, classless thing to do, I don’t fully understand what secrets he could be possibly exposing. With satellite technology, there are no secrets to exactly where all the troops are. Someone could likely just log on to an appropriate website which posts satellite pics and tell exactly where they are. Now if he was telling some advanced plans, there would be some secrets let out.

I will agree with you about Geraldo, but give me more sources and information on his last stunt.

Maybe he can uncover Saddam’s secret gold chest.

Most of the sources of my knowledge about Geraldo come from television and radio. However, does contain quite a bit of info about it; go into their archives and search for his name within the last few days, there should be plenty of stuff.

I thought this was common knowledge. What’s left to expose? Does anyone seriously not think Geraldo is a conceited prick?

Hell, I knew he was an ass when he made his to-do over opening Al Capone’s vault. Everything I’ve seen since has pretty much confirmed my initial analysis.

  • Geraldo Rivera in his autobiography, Exposing Myself.

Doesn’t this just speak for itself?

The Iraqis don’t have spy satellites. They do, however, have cable. I don’t think any of the web sites that post satellite pics show anything remotely recent, or with decent resolution.