German beer ca. WW2

Was waching the old “Sink the Bismarck” movie, with original footage from the era… and noticed a shot of the mess on a German vessel, at dinner, where they appear to be drinking beer.

  1. Were they ?
  2. How common is that ? (Don’t recall that in USN, not at dinner anyway…)
  3. Most importantly, what brand would it have been ?

O le mea a tamaali’i fa’asala, a o le mea a tufanua fa’alumaina.

Wouldn’t be surprised. Most Western nations are not nearly as hysterical about alcohol as the USofA, the home of Prohibition. Germans drink beer, the French and Italians drink wine. Brits drink anything that will pour. The Irish have the good sense to spend their time making beer instead of warships. :slight_smile:

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

Yup, the USN is a Dry Navy.

In fact, the Royal Canadian Navy was the last of the British Commonwealth navies to stop the free issue of RUM to sailors.

I remember this happened about 1973 or so, and the Navy sold off its remaining stocks of real pusser’s rum to the public, and there were lines blocks long to get some.

The daily rum issue was replaced with a meagre cash stipend (something like 50 cents a day). It was a very sad day for the RCN, and the end of over 300 years of naval tradition.

You can still buy beer on board Canadian warships from pop machines, and of course the wardroom has plenty of hard booze.