German Bicycle Helmet

I’m looking for a bike helmet with the colors of the German flag. I have found the Stars and Stripes and the Canadian Maple Leaf, but cannot seem to locate one with the German colors of Red, Black and Gold.

Anyome know of a source?



I don’t see anything offhand, either.

Here’s a list (a LONG list) of manufacturers, which I will let YOU rummage through. :smiley:

Otherwise, maybe some spray paint and masking tape…?

Duck Duck : Thanks for the answer, and my apologies for the vagueness of the OP. I should have been more descriptive.

Here is what I found out: a Helmet such as I decribed apparently does not exist. I find this a bit strange coming from a country which values its athletes and pride of country as much as the USA does.

Looks like it’s gonna be the “spray paint and masking tape”! :smiley:


I’m not surprised. Such an explicit display of patriotism is not very common outside the US, and frowned upon in some countries. There’s such a fine line between patriotism and nationalism. Flag-waving is only acceptable in football games.

Bike helmets are also much less common in Europe. Look at some European bike manufactuers’ homepages and they proudly show people riding without helmets.

A German flag colors jersey and a pair of gloves with the flag colors on them.


Try looking for a Belgian helmet. The colors are the same, and there are a whole hell of a lot of Belgian bike racers. At, they have a great wool Belgian champion jersey (no helmets, though).

I have to disagree, based on what I’ve seen in Formula One races. The racers themselves often wear country colors on their helmets (David Coulthard’s blue and white St. Andrew’s cross for Scotland springs to mind).

Dude, what a great idea! :smiley:

Unfortunately, a web search turned up zilch, so I posted to a traveller’s site I usually go to, called and hopefully someone in Germany or Belgium may know of a store that may have one they wanna sell cheap! :wink:



I believe that Briko is a German conpany, and they make some pretty cool helmets, so check that out.

Finally, look for some German Cycling teams. Undoubtedly, somebody on one of these teams will have a helmet with at least German colors on it, but also probably some lettering for Deutsch-Telekom or whatever. Find a web-site and e-mail off something to a team manager, and see if they would be willing to buy you a helmet from their sponsor. They probably won’t give you the pro-deal or anything. If this fails, try to contact some team members individually. They will probably be willing to sell you a used helmet or something, for a pretty reasonable price too. Remember, to them it’s just gear that they ride with. It’s not “special”.

Finally, I’m not sure about the printing quality on the helmet. The actual plastic-mold prints are expensive to make, so don’t expect “base colors” unless it’s a design that the helmet company can sell to somebody outside the team, like Mapei, Postal, etc. You might be better off with the masking tape and spray paint any way.

But the team helmet would have a story behind it.