German Dopers - help writing letter to bank

Hello lovely German (bzw. german-speaking) Dopers :slight_smile:

Back in 1999/2000 I lived in Germany and opened a bank account with Stadtsparkasse Hannover.

I was digging through some old paperwork the other day and I discovered there may still be some cash in the account, although I’m not sure whether it counts as “dormant” now.

I’d appreciate some help drafting a letter to the bank to check whether 1) the account has any money in it, 2) whether it’s possible to have it transferred to the UK.

I have the Kontonummer and the Bankleitzahl, and the address I was living at the time.

Would very much appreciate some assistence wording the letter correctly!

Any help gratefully received :slight_smile:

Was it a current account (Girokonto) or a savings account (Sparkonto/Sparbuch)? If the former, a small balance might have been eaten by the monthly fees since.
Transferring money to a current account in the UK is not a technical problem - you need the IBAN and BIC of your UK account and they’ ll assess a fee of probably some 10-20 € as the UK has opted out of the EU directive on non-discrimination between intra-EU vs. domestic bank transfers.

They’ll have no problem with a letter written in English, but here goes anyway:

Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Waldstein, Herzog von Friedland
506 01 Jičín
Tschechische Republik

Stadtsparkasse Hannover
Aegidientorplatz 1
30159 Hannover

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

als ich in den Jahren 1999/2000 in Deutschland wohnte, führten Sie für mich das Konto mit der Kontonummer xxxxxxx, BLZ 250 501 80.

Nach meiner Erinnerung habe ich bei meinem Wegzug das Konto nicht aufgelöst. Ich möchte Sie darum bitten, das Konto aufzulösen und mir den Kontostand mitzuteilen.

Ein eventuelles Guthaben können Sie mir auf mein Girokonto bei $bank, IBAN …, BIC …, überweisen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

(Dear Madam or Sir: When I resided in Germany in 1999/2000, I had the account … with you. As far as I recall I did not liquidate the account when I left. Please liquidate the account and notify me of the balance. You can transfer a positive balance to my account at $bank, IBAN …, BIC …, Sincerely, …)

[If there is a balance they’ll of course ask back for information substantiating your identity]

Excellent - thank you very much.

It was a normal current account but I can’t recall what the monthly fees were.

My expectation is that the account is probably dormant / empty, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: