German judge rules Koran allows wife abuse

Here’s an even better story from Spiegel Online.

Is this the story you’re referring to?

Knut Woos the Crowds at First Public Appearance
By Khuê Pham in Berlin

Yuppers, and it worked! Nothing diffuses a thread of righteous indignation like cute animals.

The new Qur’an translation by Laleh Bakhtiar is the first one by an American Muslim woman. In it she shows how the infamous verse 4:34 does not mean to beat women, for cryin out loud. Dr. Laleh has been known for many years as a Sufi scholar, I met her at a conference once. I’m so glad she’s done this.

I don’t see how that’s going to affect Islam, which forbids translating the Qur’an, though.

…For anything other than literary purposes.

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One thing to keep in mind is that there is no official separation of church from state in Germany. The government collects a tithe of everyone’s income and sends it to the church (or other body of worship) of their choice. I don’t know what they do about agnositics.

A man I once who lives in the town of Passau in eastern Bavaria told me that his wife, a social worker, simply cannot get a civil service job there because they will not hire protestants. Whether this is a matter of law or unofficial policy, I don’t know. So this case is not as much of an outrage in Germany as it would be in the US.

Not exactly. german states may decide that a particular church is eligible to become a Public Law Corporation.

So Germany has about the same Separation of Church and State as the US had before the Civil War.

Athiests, agnostics and members of religions that are not Public Law Corporations don’t pay a church tax. Many believers also leave their churches to escape those taxes.

But this case is a huge outrage in Germany. I don’t think it could be that much bigger in the US.

Apart from church tax, church and state are completely separatetd in Germany. And Germans are a lot less religious than Americans. Therefore religion plays a much smaller part in German than in American politics. German politicians wouldn’t dare to say many of the religious things Bush says regularly.