German-speaking Dopers, help me make a "Llamas in Hats" hat

I’m in Germany and I want to make the hats from “Llamas in Hats” as seen here:
as Fastnacht costumes.

My German is usually pretty good but it’s letting me down here. What is the correct German word for that bobble thingy at the end of Karl’s hat? Is it

I’m ordering from online fabric and craft stores so I need to know.


Doper living in Germany here, and I’ve only heard those referred to as ‘Bommel.’

Vielen Dank, shantih. :slight_smile:

Seconded. This kind of hat is called “Bommelmütze”.

Danke sehr, EinsteinsHund. :slight_smile:

Well, whaddayouknow, Bommel, Quaste and Troddel are all the same, but a Bommel is round:

Uniqueorn, thanks, this is great! :slight_smile: It even shows me how to make one.

Gern geschehen, Idilia Dubb!