German WW II Torpedo Question

I’ve been reading German Secret Weapons of the Second World War by Ian V. Hogg and on page 174 he writes

Que? How did this work? Anyone know?

It used hydrogen peroxide, which exhausts steam which condenses into just water.

Look at this page. Search for “peroxide”.

You sure about that ftg? Because all I can find on the page is

No mention of the V-8 and if you’re using peroxide why not use potassium permagnenate since that’ll cause the peroxide to autoinginte and you’ll have a rocket powered torpedo and the Germans were already using that combination as fuel for the V-1 and other things.

There’s also no mention on the page that Hellmuth Walter worked for Junkers, and a google search turns up nothing along the lines of an ICE engine designed by Walter or mention of Walter working for Junkers.

I do know that by the end of WWII, the Germans had at least one non-operational hydrogen peroxide-fueled submarine. These machines anticipated the design of the nuclear submarine in that they shared the same objectives: a high submerged speed and air-independent operation in order to remain submerged for prolonged periods of time. That link offers a brief explanation of how the system worked:

Though I don’t see it in that article, I think the prototype also had a system for releasing O2 from the peroxide and carbon dioxide scrubbers in order to provide breathable air for the crew.