Germay 13-0 v. San Marino. Accidental or on purpose?

Didn’t see the game, so I wondering if they ran up the score, and if so, what was the reason? Do the nations have any bad blood? Were they trying to prove a point to someone? I can’t imagine why they would want to pubically embarass clearly inferior players, regardless of the reason. Watching the highlights I felt awful for San Marino. And of the current Euro qualifying lot, is there any discernable difference in quality among obscure teams such as Andorra, Macedonia, San Marino, Moldova, Albania, Armenia & the like? Have any of these type teams ever qualified?

I didn’t see it either, but are you aware how small San Marino really is? Germany has 80 million people, SM has 30.000.

If you’re scoring easily, you keep going, because 13 goals could be very useful, should the placings in the final table depend on goal difference.

Some of these ties are serious matches. England’s 1-0 victory over Macedonia was a reasonable result, because these teams know how to lock down when playing at home, and also they’re intimidating for visiting teams. (Bear in mind that until the country disintegrated, Yugoslavia was a serious player in world football.)

Andorra and San Marino, different story. They’re a bunch of part-timers, and if it wasn’t for quirks of history of the game, they wouldn’t have FIFA-recognised status.

Actually no, I didn’t know that. You could fill a smaller German stadium with everybody in San Marino? Funny. I wonder if marginal interest is the requirement for being on the national team? Does anyone who wants to play get turned down? :slight_smile:

Don’t know, but someone who speaks Italian might tell us:

What else are the German players supposed to do to fill in the time if they’re up against such inferior competition? Just kick the ball backwards and forwards among themselves?

Stats is stats man. Scoring a goal in a match, no matter who the opponent, is still a goal scored on the old stat sheet.

It might seem cruel, but as has already been pointed out, the qualification for the tournament proper might end up depending on goal difference. If you can improve your goal difference by 13, you do so. Every other team in that group will try to do the same or better when they play San Marino.

Having said this, the result has added something to the argument that the real minnows should have a preliminary contest among themselves, with only the winner going through to face the big boys.