Get back to cashiering! Wait, don't quit! Stupid Sim employees.

I got the Open for Business expansion pack yesterday and played the DeLarosa family to get familiar with it before subjecting my favorite Sims to my awful management style.

I pay them fairly and try to give them breaks when their balls turn yellow but they never want to get off break, complain when I tell them to and then quit at the end of the day. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Tips? Hints? Help?

Sounds pretty much like your average retail experience, then. :smiley:

Does a pay raise help?

They’ve got a thingy that says what they’re paid I keep it at “paid fairly”.
Speaking of your average experience, when my favorite guy married the maid he stupidly invited his old girlfriend to the wedding. Don’t you know that biatch waited for the ceremony to smack him in the face? And then she refused to even talk to him any more.

Yeah, this game is better than As The World Turns.

Maybe if your shop’s very busy, there aren’t enough cashiers? I mean, they’re doing much more work than they’d like.

Did you get the software at Best Buy?

Doing wrong? I think you need to write a management textbook.


When do the female cashiers get a break? :stuck_out_tongue:

I caught one of mine - some time ago - making out with his girl’s sister. They all lived together. Well, I wasn’t the only one who caught her, so did his girl. She beat him up, and then kept beating him up every so often until I had to make her move out. :smack: He then married the sister.

Sexual harassment springs to mind. You’re lucky that there isn’t a lawyer sim expansion yet.

I have to get the Sims 2 now. Last time I had my chance, I went for The Movies instead because of the making movies thing, but this thread really makes me want to play it.

I checked Gamefaqs, and the most helpful thing I found was in this FAQ, where it says this:

To me, this would imply that (assuming you don’t want to cheat), you have to limit the work hours.