Get in on the digital currency boom with Ripple XRP

I’m still kind of fuzzy on the details but I welcome people looking into this and providing more info. This is backed by Google Ventures among other so it looks legit.

Ripple Labs has created a new currency and is giving it away to people who donate computer time on IBM’s World Community Grid. You need to sign up there, download the BOINC software that let’s you run the scientific research projects WCG does and then sign up at Computing for Good. You will also need to create a Ripple client wallet to receive your XRP credits.

I’ve participated as a volunteer at WCG for many years and as I said, it’s run as a charity by IBM so I know for a fact that WCG is a legit charitable organization. The only catch is that once you are all set up, you have to join the Ripple Labs team in order to receive the XRP credits. Joining a team is optional at WCG however.

Anyway, the work that they do is pretty much all medical and scientific research using distributed computer processing on hundreds of thousands of computers run by volunteers all across the globe. You can see the current and completed projects here.

Just hitting up google provided the information that to open a wallet you need to have some of the currency in question, and they are currently not giving away any currency [there was a program back in October but that is closed.]

It seems like the ripple xrp is a bitcoin equivalent, though I am not certain how the whole run data project will ultimately connect to the pseudo-bitcoin project. That being said, I do believe that just like the whole SETI on your desktop project, this use your spare processing time project may be useful as it helps crowd source computing time for what appear to be valuable projects. I will toss my desktop into the research fray, if it can help with cancer and other projects that I perceive have value even if I don’t get paid for it, it is worthwhile.

I just opened a wallet and I don’t have any currency.

If you donate computer time at WCG and are a member of the Ripple Labs team you will be credited with XRPs. I’ve been doing it and can verify it works. But you have to

  1. download the BOINC software here - get the recommended version.
  2. install.
  3. select the World Community Grid project.
    3a. Somewhere around this point you’ll need to create a user id and password I think, but I did that years ago so you’re on your own here.
  4. Join the Ripple Labs team
  5. Register at Computing for good with your Ripple client info - I think. I forget how I did that part. Really, I honestly don’t remember. I just know that at some point I must have created a Ripple wallet since I know that my XRP credits are going there.

I have downloaded BOINC and installed it, joined the Ripple Team and then it gets into a circular linkfest, when I click on the Join the Ripple Labs team link it leads to the World Community Grid for the team I am on. THere is absolutely nothing about a wallet, or where I can find a wallet. So I go back to your link, which leads me back to where I can download BOINC, and then the join the ripple teams page, then back to the team page. When I go to the forums, there is nothing blatant about a wallet, or making a wallet or earning faux bitcoins.

As I said, even if it doesn’t lead to a wallet of faux bitcoins, I will be donating my time on the desktop when I am not using it. But faux money would be nice.

And an update, when hitting up google, I get into a circular sent to, which pops to an IBM sorry the page can’t be displayed page.

So if anybody happens to have a good URL for ripple and the wallet, I would be obliged if you could pop it my way.

You have to register at Computing for Good here. I think its during that process they tell you about signing up for the Ripple wallet. I just don’t remember.

But you will need your WCG verification code, I remember that much. Here’s how you get that.

Sign in at WCG here. Click on ‘log in.’ (upper left)

In the upper right, click on ‘settings.’

On the next screen, in the far left column click on ‘my profile.’

On the next screen, at the bottom will be a long character sting labeled ‘external authorization code.’ I think that’s what they want when they say WCG verification code.

Let me know how it goes and exactly what the steps are that I missed or got wrong. Thanks. :slight_smile:

How much is this electronic currency actually worth, and where can it be spent at present?

As I pointed out, I did all that, and there is no mention of the wallet, so when I googled it, all the links that I found ended up at IBM on a page saying that they could not show me the page I requested. So, IBM has closed access to creating a wallet for any link I managed to find. To reiterate on all the pages linked to here I have clicked, signed in, downloaded and so forth as needed with no mention or active link for a wallet even upon googling. There was absolutely no link asking for any sort of authorization code. When I did find a mention to the wallet on the forums I saw a bunch of people linking their wallet ID and asking people to flip them some faux bitcoins to be able to start transactions.

Meh. I’m putting all of my money into dogecoin.

I’m signing up for the wallet right now and the link you gave is working for me. I mean, I clicked through on the computing for good site, but the URL is exactly the same. Perhaps you need to change browser settings? Turn off cookies if they’re on? I’m not sure. If you have another browser besides the one you normally use, trying to get to through there might do the trick.

I don’t really understand what any of that means, but there it is.

I’m not really in a position to offer any guidance since I literally fumbled my way through. All I can suggest is that if something doesn’t work, try doing it in Internet Explorer. I had problems with setting up the wallet in firefox but it worked in IE.

Also, if you need help, try the WCGand Ripplelabs forums.

I just signed up with no problems using Lion with Safari 6.05 and BOINC 7.2.33. Took maybe 10-15 minutes, including downloading BOINC.

Thanks, but yeah, I still don’t get it.

I think the way you read that is that depending on the exchange, you need between 24 and 29 XRP for one dollar. I’m not sure though.

For what it’s worth, I’ve gone from zero to 91 XRP in under 48 hours.

Personally, I’ll keep hoarding Flanian Pobble Beads, Triganic Ningis and Triganic Pu’s

They are just as legitimate and hold just as much value as this other digital currency…

Wow. Such currency.

I don’t know if your computer is that much more powerful than mine, but I’ve contributed +/- 600 hours and only gained 285 XRP.
Which "trusted lines’ do any of you use?

Currently I only know of Dividendrippler. I want to exchange some into BTC at some point.