Get Out of Your Verizon Contract Without a Fee - Is this method feasible?

This is a YouTube “how to” clip on the procedure for getting out of your Verizon service agreement without paying a termination fee. The narrator seems to know what he’s talking about. Has anyone done this? Does it work?

A link might help.

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Here you go

I know, literally, dozens of people who have used this trick among Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. It has worked in every instance. The catch, as I understand it, is that you must be directly affected by the material change in contract. For example, if you have a “no roaming fee” plan, you can’t get out because of a change to their per minute roaming rate. Likewise, if you have an “unlimited texting” plan, you can’t get out because of a change in the per message rate.

I did the whole “material change to my contract” thing (Texting rate increase), and it worked fine. I ended up calling the sales side of the call center, where they had a shorter wait time. The has some good info on this. I ended up cancelling my Verizon contract because I was given a replacement phone that was unable to make a call longer than 10-11 minutes. It would just reboot itself and disconnect the call. The verizon repair service could never duplicate the issue, and it pissed me off. Overall, verizon had great coverage and reception, but actually making a call was important to me.