Get paid to read, surf, watch DVD's and meet attractive people

Be a substitute teacher for your local school system. There’s no real teaching involved; the absent teacher will almost always have left an assignment for the class to do, or a video to watch. All you have to do is sit in the classroom and make sure the kids don’t burn the place down. After a few assignments you will know what schools you need to stay away from. There really are many schools (usually in more affluent areas) where the kids need little or no supervision; and even in “bad” schools there are still some good assignments: elementary art teacher, computer ed, advanced math, to name a few.

As for free time: not only do I get a lot of free time in class while the kids work on their assignments, but I also get about 2 paid hours where I have no classes at all. For example: in elementary school, I arrive 45 minutes before the kids, and stay for 45 minutes after they leave. I also get half an hour for lunch, and at least another 30 to 45 minutes when the kids leave to go to specials like art, p.e., music, etc. In middle school and high school I will also have 1.5 to 2.5 hours off. So basically I get paid for 7.5 hours and only work about 5 or 6. My pay rate is 9.21 per hour, which is decent pay for doing basically nothing, in a state with no income tax.

There are also a ton of attractive single teachers around.

Glad you cleared that part up, i have such a sick mind.

Well, if the sub was in their early 20’s (like a college student or even a recent college grad) I could see him/her dating someone they met in class, if the student was 18. It’s not like being a regular teacher where you have some power over the student’s life.

As the son of a teacher, and a friend of several teachers, all of whom have subbed at one time or another, I would like to say that your experience is not necessarily representative, either in the amount or quality of work involved or the advisability of romantic encounters with your fellow teachers.

Give details.

I’ll send Pepper Mill around later to beat you up. She’s a substitute teacher, and frequently comes home exhausted (especially if she has to deal with the fifth graders)

Two words, dude: Rock Band.

I remember what my class did to substitutes.

There is no way in hell that I will ever be a substitute teacher.

Hi Pepper Mill here, highjacking Cal’s posting. Cal’s right. I often come home so tired I don’t feel like taking care of my own daughter. I’m tired from kids not paying any attention, and not giving any respect, and parents who think that if you disipline their child your the bad guy. Yeah, the teachers leave work set-up for you to give the kids, but then you have kids who don’t understand what it si they are suppose to do. Unfortuanately the school system I’m working is going broke and doesn’t have most of the things kids need for the new world we live in. The computers in the schools (the few that there are) are about 10 years old. The test books are out of date, and most work is done from worksheets copied from workbooks that are about 10 to 15 years old. I had one worksheet today that asked the question, how thick, in the metric system, an autiocassett is. Children today do not know what an audiocassett is.
Maybe I care too much about what these kids learn, but I don’t have much free time. I’m often grading papers, or even sitting in durning part of my lunch time helping a kid with work he doesn’t understand, or didn’t have time to finish, or both. I find myseld doing almost the same work that the teachers in the school do. I’m not trained as a teacher. I got my degrees in Dental Assisting and business. The kids do get a hell of a lecture on teeth and how to take care of them. And they get a lot of joy showing me a loose tooth.

I bet most kids know how to spell audio cassette, though.

Sorry, couldn’t help it :wink:

FWIW, it’s virtually impossible to get a job as a sub here (Florida) if you’re a single male under the age of 30. Apparently the state board of education believes all such individuals would only EVER become substitute teachers in order to have sex with underage girls.

Can Handle the Truth clearly does not live in england. Wow.

I did substitute teaching on an occasional basis for a few years – usually just a few days a month. It was very enjoyable – especially working with the ankle biter sized kids.

MY BIL ended up being a full-time sub in a Jacksonville middle school some years back. I always thought he was insane, and that proved it. But he’s a physically big guy, and I think that’s part of why the principal kept calling him - he could control the beasties fairly well.

Now he’s a high school art teacher, and I’m pretty sure he prefers that to his earlier days.

I considered being an occasional sub after I retire - surely kids won’t give grief to a grandmotherly type, right?? :eek:

I think teaching’s a great example of “your life is what you make of it.” Because, sure, there are people who get by with a bare minimum of effort. And, it shows.

I recently taught art at a Jr. high school for a couple of days. I was paid to be an “artist in residence” and expected to actually TEACH the kids, so it’s not quite the same as subbing.

But I thought it was a helluva lotta work! I was on my feet, moving around and interacting with kids the whole class period. Only one of the five classes I taught was full of kids who could (and would) really work on their own, and they still had a lot of questions.

Nice thing was, at the end of the day I’d made a little bit of an impact on most (but not all) of them. I consider that a privilege and an honor.

Although I don’t see life from the perspective of someone brought in to sub for a day, we usually end up using our administrative period to sub for people who are out. (Not our prep period.) I can see a bunch of different angles on this, tho.

Some of our own students who have gone on to a local college come back to sub. It’s not a bad deal for a college kid, if their schedule is free on one day. At least here, we (are supposed to) leave plans. Most of the time, the HS-age ones do pretty well with the college-age ones, as they know them.*

There are some folks who make a “career” out of it. I’m doing the whole quote thing 'cause they’ve usually had a more successful career and are really just biding their time. As Can Handle the Truth mentioned, there’s not a lot of work involved.

Pepper Mill, I have never heard of a daily sub doing grading. Are you a long-term sub?

And lastly, I can confirm the recent influx of attractive, young teachers. :smiley: I cannot, however confirm the recent influx of single attractive young teachers. :frowning:

*(We did have one fellow who would sub for classes that his girlfriend was currently taking. Any other two people, and it might have been an issue. These two folks were great; there was never any problem. Course, the fact that his dad is a teacher here might explain it.)

I’m kind of amazed at everyone who somehow thinks I’m shirking my duty by having the kids WORK ON THE ASSIGNMENT THAT THE TEACHER HAS LEFT FOR THEM TO DO. One-day subs are not expected to do anything more than that, besides recording the names of disruptive students.

It all depends on how you define your “duty.” If you’re just filling a space, sure, then reading, surfing and watching DVDs is all you need to worry about.

When I was a kid we occasionally had really interesting subs who’d take the assignment as a starting point and share some of their own knowledge and experiences. Some of them really made something out if it.

My duty is defined by the School board and it is to stick to the goddammed lesson plan. We are not supposed to divulge personal information or tell “life experiences”. It is specifically spelled out in the sub handbook.

You’re asking for a cite in MPSIMS? Curious. Okay.

Hi, Pepper Mill again. I don’t always grade the work, I just correct the papers and leave them for the teacher to grade. When i do grade the work it’s because the teacher askes me to and tells me how I’m suppose to rate the work done. It’s mostly stroght foward stuff like math and spelling. Forgive the misspelling on audio cassette, it had been a long day with the little darlings. No I’m not long term, but I do come in tree days a week, and work eithar as a sub or as a floating teacher’s aid.