Get ready for more gouging: Live Nation and Ticketmaster merge.

An unholy alliance, if there ever was one.

Here’s the story:

So, do you think we’ll get more “convenience” for our fees?

I was looking for Elvis Costello tickets yesterday. They were only available on The face value was $47.00, plus fees of $15.00. Fuck that. So, as much as I would like to see him in concert, it’s just not going to happen…

How is this not a monopoly? I mean that seriously; the shows that do NOT have tickets through one or the other are few & far between, and (at least here in Indy) there is no major venue that doesn’t sell tickets through one or the other.

Crazy - I can’t understand how this is in any way legal.

More gouging? I thought there already was plenty of gouging. Dammit.

Ugh. I can’t get tickets to events without going through Ticketbastard/Live Nation/Whatever Behemoth or a scalper. I guess I won’t be going to any events any time soon.