Get some sun and fresh air

Are sunlight and fresh air really as healthy for you as people claim? Are there any benefits to going outside to breathe rather than staying inside in the air conditioned house. How about sunlight? It supposedly aids in the production of Vitamin D, but does that hold any truth to it?

Sunlight does stimulate the body to make Vitamin D.

Psychologically there is a definite benefit. You FEEL better getting out on a nice day.

Also chance are if you are in the outdoors you won’t be idle. I see very few people outside just sitting.

OK even the ones in the park reading will move from time to time.

People (some not all) get depressed in the winter. Sunlight improves their mood. There is a similar phenomenon in cities far north like Anchorage and Edmonton. The summer months produces large bursts of energy in the population. Long daylight hours permit people to enjoy their days long after work is over.

Sunlight also causes aging of the skin, so wear some sunblock, and drink some vitamin D milk. While the healthyness of the sun is iffy, the air outside is definately alot healthier for you. Practically everything in the home gives off not exactly good for you vapors, and the dust mites that inhabit everything are thought to be the reason that so many people now are getting asthma.

So I’d say going outside while wearing sunblock and a hat is the way to go for healthyness.

According to this article Don’t shun sun completely – rays hold off host of diseases some sunlight is indeed good for you. Among other things in the article:

IIRC, sunlight also plays an important role in maintaining circadian rhythm and preventing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Though any bright light has the same effect, not just direct sunlight.