get w-2 form 2011

someone please give me some advise. my employer wont give me my w-2 for 2010. she mailed it the 2nd week of feb she said and here it is march. i called and asked her nicely for another copy.she meanly said get from the irs. what should i do?:confused:

You call the actual IRS and explain the problem. They will make another, polite phone call to your employer, which usually clears things up without much fuss, and you get your W2 promptly.

Here are the instructions from the IRS on what to do.

ive tried that but im still anxiously waiting.any other advise:):slight_smile:

Per the information at that IRS webpage, “You still must file your tax return or request an extension to file April 18, 2011, even if you do not receive your Form W-2. If you have not received your Form W-2 by the due date, and have completed steps 1 and 2, you may use Form 4852, Substitute for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. Attach Form 4852 to the return, estimating income and withholding taxes as accurately as possible. There may be a delay in any refund due while the information is verified.”

The other advice is to look for another job. I wouldn’t want to work for a person or company that can’t handle the job of issuing me a W-2 on time. Also, each year, you should receive a statement from the Social Security department listing how much income you’ve made for Social Security purposes each year. I recommend making sure that the number it shows matches whatever income you’ve made. It’s possible than an employer that’s screwing around and not providing a W-2 to an employee isn’t reporting or paying the appropriate money to the Social Security department.

Wow, that’s really strange. I do the W-2 at my work. Between handing them out and Tax day for my 20-30 employees, I probably give out 5 more for people that lost them. Plus another 5-10 over the course of the rest of the year for various other reasons. It’s not a big freaking deal. Assuming you do your taxes electronically and you’re not mailing anything in, I just make a photocopy of my Copy D (Employer Copy). If you need your original copy’s and she’s out of the forms, it’s a bit trickier. Even when we used to have our accountant do our W-2, it wasn’t a big deal. If someone needed a copy, I just gave them the accountants phone number and the accountant had strict instructions that if any billable hours where incurred* that they needed to be billed to and collected from the person asking for the copy.

Something seems really odd. Do you have any paystubs you can look at? You might be able to work your taxes off of that…or at least make sure she didn’t make you a 1099 employee without telling you, I’ve seen that happen.
*Our accountant didn’t normally bill anyone unless they lost two or three copies in a row and even then it was only $10 or $15.

By law, she has to mail it by Jan 31st. I wonder why she would have told you this. It seems if she’s going to start being weird about all this, she might as well not admit to breaking the law.

Is your employer a very small business? Is there an HR department you can try? Is your employer the top banana at this business, or can you go over her head?

Back in the day, I would write a statement:

I earned $999.99 from this employer. (Yes, no comma in the number, I did say back in the day, right?)

My tax withholding was $9.99.

This information was taken from my final pay stub for that employer, and I affirm that it is true and complete.


Then I’d staple that in with the W-2s I did receive. Never had a problem.

I have a related problem — I work for the State, doing attendant work. I didn’t receive my W2 (funny, I get everything else they send me) so I had to put in a written request for a duplicate, in person, at an office pretty far away from me; and subsequently I found out that it takes six weeks to receive the replacement!

Well now it’s been six weeks, and I’m afraid that whatever screwed up the first mailing may also have screwed up the second. I have my last pay stub and the only thing I need is their EIN number. (yes, I know that phrase is redundant.)

Would someone happen to know of anyplace where I can reliably determine the EIN for my county? It is really, really hard to get through on the phone because their personnel are always completely swamped.

Did you work at the same location last year? If so, get the EIN from your previous W-2. If not, ask one of your coworkers: they can look on their W-2 and write it down for you.

You mean for your company, not your country, right?

If it’s a US company that is publicly traded on a stock exchange, they file various reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the EIN is on those. And most of those reports are online in the SEC Edgar database.

If it’s a non-profit organization, they file Form 990 tax returns, and those have to be publicly available. The Guidestar organization has them online for many non-profits, especially the larger ones.

Otherwise, there are various groups that sell this info: Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis, etc.

Many States have a Business Registration office (usually under the Secretary of State) – often their online info will give the Federal EIN for the company.

Are you sure it isn’t printed on your paystubs – it often is.

No, the user you quoted mentioned working in a government job, so he did mean county (although he said that he worked for the state).

Heh, I have looked and looked for last year’s W2; I’ve got pay stubs from then; I’ve got printouts of last year’s return, but no W2. The EIN is not on the printout of my return because I e-filed. It’s basically just a receipt.

P.S. It’s she. :wink:

P.P.S. I work for the State, but I doubt the EIN is the same for every county.