Getting a New Slow Cooker, Want Recipes

I had a slow cooker for a while that was really nifty because it was a 6qt cooker, but the crock was divided, so you could easily make a smaller portion of something (or make a main dish and a side dish). But the crock broke last winter, and I spent a whole year waffling about what to do. Rival didn’t have a replacement crock in stock. A regular old 6qt. is typically too big for us. But a 4qt is too small when I have company. . .you get the idea.

So yesterday, I found a Rival slow cooker on Amazon that comes with three different crocks: a 2qt, a 4qt and a 6qt. They all fit in the base, and one lid fits on all of them. Cool! The 2qt will be perfect for nights it’s just me and my 11YO home. After all, how much dinner do we need? The 4qt will be perfect for when my hubby’s home, too. And the 6qt will be there for the few times a year I want one that big.

I have some standby slow cooker recipes, but I’m really interested in more.
What are your favorites?
Bonus points if the recipe is easy to cut down to smaller portions for my ‘2qt nights’!

1 large pork roast or picnic shoulder. I generally look for one in the 12 to 15 pound range.
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup low sodium soy sauce
1 cup sweet chili sauce
1/2 cup nước mắm
Put the meat in the cooker and dump all liquid ingredients over it. Cook on low until it falls apart. If you use a picnic shoulder, carefully pull off the fat layer and discard, along with the bone. Shred the meat, and cook off any remaining liquid. Serve on sandwich rolls with additional sweet chili sauce and/or sriracha for those who desire. Anything you might serve with US-style pulled pork goes great with it.
I make this for parties and never have left-overs.

Insert roast. Add onions and carrots if you like. Dump in can of cranberry sauce, some soy sauce, and a bay leaf. Go to work. Come home, eat.

Tastes amazing and the cranberry sauce can be your little secret.

Do the same thing plus a jar of horseradish. I got that from a doper and it’s spectacular.

Make a meatloaf. Ball up aluminum foil for the bottom of the crock. Place loaf on foil. Cook for 6 hours or so. (I make a mean meatloaf, so I can provide that recipe if you like. Other dopers will attest! :D)

Bean soups are one of my favorites in a slow cooker. My personal favorite is probably navy beans, plus ham, plus onion, plus celery, plus a few tablespoons of tomato paste in a ham or chicken stock.

I’m going to be trying out a new recipe for a chili-type soup in the next couple of days using spicy sausage and… pumpkin. Could be interesting. :smiley:

  1. buy a whole chicken
  2. rub some of every spice that you have in your spice cabinet that goes with poultry onto the chicken
  3. put chicken in crock
  4. dump can black olives, drained, over chicken (optional)
  5. dump small jar stuffed green olives with pimento, drained, over chicken (optional)
  6. chop salami and/or ham into ribbons and sprinkle over chicken (optional)
  7. half a can of chicken broth over everything
  8. slow cooker on low
  9. go to work or whatever, come back in 8-10 hours.
  10. as the kids say, profit.

OK, I’m going to expose my ignorance here. That last ingredient, what is that? Keep in mind I live in a fairly rural area, and ‘exotic’ and ethnic ingredients can be tough to find here. Is there anything I could substitute? Or at least, what ethnicity is it? (The Kroger I go to once a week on average has a couple of “International” aisles, but they’re divided by ethnicity; if I look for this stuff there, at least I’ll know where to look).

Hey, I make a pretty mean meatloaf myself, so no recipe needed. Of course, if you want to post it for the enlightenment of others. . . :wink:

But can I ask what the balled up foil in the bottom of the crock is for? I’ve never heard of that. Is it so the meatloaf isn’t sitting in its own drippings as it cooks?

I’m curious why the foil? Is it for easier cleanup?

Guessing that it allows the fat to drain off without the meat frying in it?

Yeah, the foil keeps the meat out of the grease. It does seem to clean up more easily, too, since a lot of the fat gets caught up on the foil.

I usually use four or five balls of foil, about the size of ping pong balls.

The foil keeps the meatloaf off the hottest part of the crock pot, I’d assume.

This is the easiest one there is:

Buy a beef roast, say between 2 and 4 pounds.
Buy one 16oz jar of hot banana pepper rings
Scrounge up one can of beer.

Put the beef (or pork really) into the crock
dump entire jar of peppers and juice into crock
Pour can of beer into crock

That’s it, set that sucker on low and go to work. Get some good rolls and come home and have insanely good shredded beef sandwiches. Note: you will have to spend all of 30 seconds with two forks shredding the beef as well.

Now if you want complicated but amazing, give thanks to the following Beef Burgundy from America’s Test Kitchen:

8 oz. bacon chopped
4 lbs stew beef (chuck preferably)
1 large onion chopped fine
2 carrots chopped fine
8 garlic cloves minced
2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
4 tbs. tomato paste
2 1/2 cups Pinot Noir or Burgundy wine
1 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
1/3 cup soy sauce
3 or 4 bay leaves
3 tbs. Minute Tapioca
3 tbs. minced fresh parsley
2 cups pearl onions
10 oz white mushrooms, quartered

First, get all of your prep work done. Chop the onions, garlic, parsley, and thyme.

Cook the bacon in a large skillet on medium-high until crisp. Set aside on paper towel, and chop it after it’s cooled. Set aside half of the bacon fat in a bowl, and keep the other half in the pan.

Dry the beef with paper towels, and season with salt and pepper. Place half of the beef in the skillet with the half of bacon fat and cook it over medium-high until all of the sides are brown. You can cook all of the meat, but only half is really needed for flavor. When done, place the beef in the slow cooker.

Add the reserved bacon fat to the now empty skillet, and heat over medium-high. Add onion, carrots and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Cook until they begin to brown, and then add garlic and thyme, and cook for about 30 more seconds. Then add the tomato paste, and stir together for about another minute. Then transfer this to the slow cooker.

Add 1 1/2 cups wine, 1 1/2 cups chicken broth and 1/3 cups soy sauce to an empty skillet. Heat until it simmers. Let simmer for one minute and then transfer it to the slow cooker.
All of the above can be done the night before. Just make sure you keep all the liquids and items separate. This is what I did. Before I left to work, I put it all in the slow cooker, and went to work. Stir in bay leaves and Minute Tapioca, and set on low heat. Cook for nine hours.

After it’s cooked, place 1/2 cup water and 3 tbs of butter into a skillet along with your pearl onions. Cover and simmer for about 5 minutes until they’re tender. Uncover and increase heat until liquid is almost evaporated. Add the mushrooms with 1/4 teaspoon salt, and cook until browned and glazed. Stir this into the slow cooker.

Stir in your chopped bacon. Bring remaining 1 cup of wine to a boil in the skillet over high heat and then simmer until it’s reduced by half (about 5 minutes). Stir the wine and parsley into the slow cooker, and you’re done!

Nước mắm is fish sauce. If you can’t get it, don’t worry about it. The results are still good without it.

I’m unlikely to try the first recipe, as no one in my house likes spicy food except me. :frowning:
The Beef Burgundy sounds amazing, though, and I’m even expecting a new case of wine any day now! :slight_smile:

I’m sure I could find some kind of fish sauce in the Asian aisle, wouldn’t you think?

OK, thanks for the explanation, and for the clarification on sizing of balls of foil! :slight_smile:

I was just looking at this blog, then I came on here and saw the slow cooker recipe request. Strange how that works.

Split Pea Soup
One of my favorite recipes to make in the slow cooker, and looking forward to making it later this week. Adjust the amounts of things to fit however much you want.
Chicken broth or water and bulllion cubes or just plain water
Split peas, sorted and rinsed
Any kind of pork, such as ham hocks, sausage, or even leftover pork roast
Garlic or garlic powder
Red pepper flakes (1-2 teaspoons is quite enough to give it the little kick that I like)
Bay leaf
When it’s almost done, you can put some of the mushy peas in the blender, to make the soup more creamy and delicioso.

I will often make an easy no-knead bread recipe to go along with it… one of my favorite wintertime meals ever!

You can do it with the mild ones too and serve hots on the side. It’s really just the amazing symphony of vinegar, salt, and beer working magic on this one.

Also fish sauce should be available in the Asian aisle for sure. Also, it comes in life time supply sizes and never goes bad, because it’s rotten fish sauce.

Amazon to the rescue. We use the Thai Kitchen brand, but Amazon is back-ordered on it. If you fold it into another order that totals more than $25, you won’t have to pay shipping. Order a couple of books of crock pot recipes. :smiley:

I rarely use my slow cooker, and typically make chilli in a regular pot on the stove. But I made this just on the fly (had to use up some pork loin) and it totally DOPE!

  • 1lb ground beef
  • 1 log of pork loin (diced into half inch chunks)
  • one onion (diced)
  • one red pepper (diced)
  • one can of black beans
  • one can of kidney beans
  • one can of diced tomatoes
  • your preferred chilli spices… (chilli powder, ancho powder, garlic powder, cumin, etc…)
  • chicken/veggie/beef or whatever stock

I sauted the ground beef and pork chunks, to get a bit of color on them, with my assorted chilli spices… then dumped the whole mess in the crock pot. Then I sauted the onion and pepper in the remaining bit o’grease until they browned a bit, and threw them in the cooker. Then I dumped in the two cans of beans and tomatoes, partially drained. I added in the chicken stock to get to the good chilli consistency.

I let the whole thing go on high for about 3 - 4 hours, adding chicken stock if it got too dry. The pork loin just changed the game… adding great flavor and getting really tender in the slow cooker. It was the best chilli I have ever made. And it was soo easy.

When you say cranberry sauce… do you mean the stuff that comes out of the can totally stiff and still shaped like the can??? What do you serve this with???

Not only does that sound awesome, but also totally adaptable! I could use more beef and less pork, or more pork and less beef, depending on what’s in my freezer. I could easily cut the recipe in half. I could use two cans of kidney beans instead of one can black one can kidney; as you said, I can season it any way I like (with my family, I’d make the seasonings very mild, but add a little more heat just to mine).

It looks like this and a pan of box-mix corn bread would make a great quick dinner!

Doctor Who, thanks for the blog link! Looks like lots of stuff to consider there! My daughter already has her eye on the chocolate-almond tapioca pudding! :slight_smile: