Getting acquitted is what Tiggers do best!

An update to a thread from several months ago, The not-so-wonderful thing about Tigger…

CNN: ‘Tigger’ worker acquitted of fondling teen

The case sounded fishy from the start, and I have to say I’m happy with the result. The whole thing’s been a pretty bad time for the defendant, though.

Interestingly, the jury’s decision was not based on whether the costume allowed enough mobility to fondle someone, which many were debating in the earlier thread, but rather that there was no way of proving that Chartrand was the one in the costume when the alleged fondling happened.

Also interesting that Chartrand’s lawyer was a Tigger, too.

Justice was not served. This woman was possibly willing to ruin this young man’s life (even more than she already did) trying to get money from Disney. If people doing this kind of false allegations are not punished real victims will not get the attention they deserve and some people will have their lifes ruined. She should make some time.

Or she should get felt up by him for a few minutes.

“Felt.” Heh.