Getting deals with Comcast

Right now I have the standard Internet service and Digital Starter. Comcast used to call me almost weekly trying to get me to upgrade to the Triple Play. I’ve always refused, since I like having a phone that works during power outages, and I have no complaints about the quality of my POTS and it’s not that expensive since I don’t have long distance service.

I have now decided I want Digital Preferred since I really miss the National Geographic channel which was moved off starter years ago. Their published rate is $20.00 a month, which is a bit more than I want to pay. Can I call them and tell them I’m think of switching to Dish to get a deal for a year or so? Or will they give me a deal if I just remind them I’ve been a loyal customer for years? And once the deal expires at the end of a year would I be able to extend it, or would I let them downgrade the service and probably have them call me a week later? Do I just talk to sales or is there some sort of “customer retention” department?

I have found Comcast to be surprisingly willing to make deals to keep customers. I had a bundle with a two year discount, and when it ran out, my bill went up about $30. I called them and asked to reduce my service to save money, and they offered to extend the discount another year.

You never know until you ask.

Well, by coincidence called me and offered me deals on Triple Play or Double play with Digital Premier if I would agree to two years. I have no interest in these so they hung up without a deal. I tried online Chat and they told me to call customer service. So we’ll see. I’m almost thinking it would be easier just to get DirectTV (which offers National Geographic on their entry level) out here with one phone call…