Getting divorced? Give your spouse a worm

I’m sure some people will look at this site and be horrified.

Others will say, “Just the tool I need.”

Well, if you aren’t getting divorced before you use this program, it’s for sure you will be soon after. This $90 software is a legal (?)virus/worm that you can install on anyone without their knowing it just by sending them an innocuous-looking virtual greeting card:


Of course, the recipient has to open the card to activate the installation, but it won’t be from a stranger, so…

Anyone ever use this, or have it used on them? I’m not married, but if I were, I would hope Spybot or AdAware would detect this nastyware.

Thinking about the legality of this…wouldn’t this be awfully close to wiretapping, videotaping without the subject’s knowledge, or even peeping in a window?

I just “love” the way they show that women are the only ones doing the “spying” on their SO.

The Feds will catch up with these guys right quick…

Wow, that is really freaky. You have to wonder about the people who make software like this – at the end of the day, do they sigh with a contented smile and say to themselves, “yep, today I’ve made a difference!”?

Call me paranoid, but it occurs to me that nothing prevents the company that peddles the software from including a hook that sends the spy data to them, also!

Sorta like the Photo Hut employees making copies of anything they want to keep.

Is this where virus writers go “legit,” by applying their skills to this kind of trick?

Sure, as they pat their wallets knowingly.

Under the Technical FAQ, I see “The Question”…

***12. What about Anti-virus programs ?
Do they detect or remove Lover Spy?


Emal PI is not a Virus.

Therefore, anti-virus software does NOT detect OR remove Lover Spy. ***

Can anyone explain “Emal PI” to us laymen?

Hell, my wife spying on me is not a concern, but strangers sending me cards will be a concern. Of course, I never open the attachment anyways…

So since I use Opera and Eudora, am I safe? They seem to be pretty specific about browsers and e-mail clients, and I don’t see these listed.

Of course, Mr. S can barely read his e-mail much less install spyware on me, so I think I’m safe anyway. But HE’D better not piss me off.*

*Not really. He’s a pretty transparent guy, and his e-mailing and browsing is pretty dang boring stuff.

But you notice the FAQ doesn’t mention AdAware or Spybot, just antivirus routines. I would imagine any of these could detect it if they decided to. I’m checking with the AdAware forum crowd right now.

Doesn’t Spybot have a list of what it detects somewhere?

Scarlett67, I don’t think it matters what email client you use (altho Macs and Linix ops might be exempt; I don’t think they have that code available). If you click on the attachment (just like many viruses), you will get infected. This particular routine relies on your recognizing, and therefore not suspecting, a friend who might send you a friendly greeting card.

I have friends that send me greeting cards, which I regularly skip over, especially since they require HTML rendering as a minimum. T’ain’t my style, bro – send me an HTML email and I guarantee you will be ignored.

I’m bumping this thread because I found another program that appears to do the same thing as Lover Spy (capturing all computer activity sureptitiously and forwarding it), although it is marketed as a way to spy on children or employees, not ex-spouses:

It can be installed remotely by emailing the victim an EXE file, which has to be clicked on to work, of course. Just like the Lover Spy concept, if the email came from a parent or close friend, it is more likely to get installed than from a stranger.

According to eweek magazine , Sept 29, 2003, page 68 of the print edition, “eBlaster might be watching you”:

Question: if this program can hide itself from detection, how come other spyware or viruses can’t do the same thing? Or is this possible only because AdAware hasn’t yet added detection of this program to its malware list?

This CNN article seems to indicate that those who do this and are found out will probably be punished.

Was I the only one who thought of Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy when I read the title?
“This is a pill to give worms to ex-girlfriends!”

My EX-girfriend when she was living with me bought eBlaster using MY card and installed it on MY computer without my knowledge

A few months AFTER we had broken up she began sending me emails with records of EVERYTHING I had been doing on my computer…SHE thought it was amusing

The damn thing took me a week to get it off my computer

Tommyturtle, just in case…how about giving us some hints on how to remove it?

Just out of curiosity, what did the people over on the Adaware forum say about it?

How about a link to the Adaware forum?

Ask, and ye shall receive:

A link to the AdAware Forum

A link to the specific thread I started in that forum about Lover Spy (as user “Sherman Bay”). Their response, in September 2003:


Nothing useful has been added to that thread over the past 2 months except my mention (today) of eBlaster.

It sure sounds like a trojan though.

Anyone know if Spybot would work against it?

Man…I’d think that if you hated your wife that much, you’d just do something like this guy did…

Hah, Hah, Xploder, that’s a great story, told ebay-style! And someone paid $860 for the whole set. I wonder if the buyer got a bargain; I don’t know a bean-E from a bean-A.