Getting into a seven sister school

I may have asked this once before (I can’t remember), but when Smith College says that they’re all female, are they referring to sex or gender?


(Edit: I didn’t attend. I typed “Smith College trans women” into Google.)

Yes, you asked (basically) this question before.

If I really want to say that I spent over 3 decades in school, me and my penis can attend Vassar, no problem. And Radcliffe, I suppose. And I can go to Mills College as long as it’s graduate level.

That is not to say that female-identifying transgender are completely accepted in bathrooms and such at these colleges. Mills flipped out over admitting men at the undergrad level.

I give a pass for reposts as it’s been over 5 years.

Seeing that the OP has asked this question before, I’m going to close this one.