Getting lots of spam texts about my bank account. Should I do anything?

Every now and then, I would get some texts, obvious spam, that asked my to reverify my banking info by clicking on a link. I used to just ignore them. But in the last week or so, I’ve been getting them almost every day. Today, I got 2 of them. Should I be worried about this? Should I do something?

The texts typically say:

(Mobile Banking Suspended) http://“obvious spam web site pasted here” Account Suspended.
There is no phone number listed, just “customer-service-registered@secure.netlinks…”

I did go into my bank a few days ago just to make sure nothing was wrong with my account, and they had nothing to tell me other than that the messages weren’t from them, which I was certain of already.

Just block the number. And then block the next numbers that will inevitably follow. If your bank says all is good, then it is all about they found a working phone number and nothing to do with you.

Good advice, and yes I already did that. Every time.

Don’t worry. I just checked your account and most of your money is stilll there.

Thanks. That’s a tremendous relief. :slight_smile: