Getting my comedy on.

Or, rather, aiding in the comedic gettings-on of a relative.

Wait…that just didn’t sound right. Oh well, whatever.

To clarify things for all you perverts out there (yeah, you, Zoggie ;)), I am going to be aiding my uncle’s comedy troup, The Absolute Pitts, in a New Year’s show at Pittsburgh’s very own “First Night” celebration, downtown.

This’ll be the third time I’ve helped them out since their formation last year, and I act as the sole stage manager/dresser/crew/whatever the Hell needs to be done backstage guy. It’s been an interesting experience.

My uncle, along with the other four members of the troup, are all lawyers (insert lawyer-humor here), and only moonlight as the Pitts on a few occasions. The troup does sketch comedy, with about 8 skits per show, and it’s a satirical view of Pittsburgh. Alas, to non-Pittsburghers, the humor of a the Rick Sebak documentary skit will be lost almost entirely, as will the “Steel Phantom of the Opera” skit.

Still, the show’s hilarious, and much fun to work on. I have no idea why I’m posting this here, but hey, I figured it’s Mundane and Pointless enough, so I might as well share it. Also, I’m just really excited about being able to work with the Pitts once again. Tootles!

Whoo! That Pittsburgh humor’ll slay 'em every time!

“What’s the difference between a lawyer and a steel worker?”


Now now, Ogre, I never said that they used the usual Pittsburgh humor. Nay, that tends to be about as funny as scratching nails on a chalkboard.

Rather, the group uses satire to mock our fair 'burgh, which, sadly, gives them much more ammo.

And I dunno, what is the difference?

Just kidding, Jester. I hope you enjoy yourself.

As for the difference, I dunno. I just made that up. There’s something there with “steel” and “steal,” but I can’t seem to make the connection. :slight_smile:

The steel worker experiences the heat, fire, and molten liquid while still alive.
[insert rimshot]

Thank you, I’ll be here all week. :smiley:

Hey! We got folks from Canonsburg in here?

(muffled applause)

Well, in that case I’ll talk slow!

(rim shot)

Cool beans, Jester! Where are they performing?