Getting my Iphone 3g in the next couple of days

If all goes well, a black 3g is going to arrive at my place so I thought I would add another thread with some questions.

Rogers users , does your Iphone have a toggle of some sort for disabling the 3g network and dropping it to edge. I’m assuming that its a software toggle rather than a hardware one. ATT users have commented on switching it off, so I want to know if rogers does as well.

Bluetooth stereo and Tethering, are not native functions at this time from what I have gathered. Due to board rules regarding this sort of thing , that which cannot be mentioned may add some functionality to tethering , but bluetooth support is still out at this juncture. Has the cuppertino iron works commented on the next round of firmware updates and what they might encompass now that rev 2 point something is out.

I should mention that I have the $30/6 gig contract already

Anything else that I should know.


In Settings, there’s a switch to enable Airplane More, which switches off all the radios. When Airplane Mode is on, you can turn WiFi back on to connect to a local network.

Buried in Settings/General/Network is another switch to toggle 3G. This lets you save battery id you’re in an area without 3G. The WiFi toggle is also accessible here, as is the Data Roaming toggle.

It’s spelled iPhone?

When you say tethering, are you referring to jailbreaking the iPhone to allow all third party apps (not just the ones in the store)?

No. Tethering means using the phone as a cellular modem for a computer. Traditionally this was done with a ‘tether cable’ to the computer, but the iPhone would use Bluetooth. There was an app that allowed this on the App Store, but Apple pulled it.

If I remember correctly, there’s still an app which will allow you to do just that, except the iPhone becomes like a wireless access point.

Yes I was, but like torrents and warez I had assumed the topic was against sdmb rules, so I used the phrase that which cannot be spoken.

I have some other questions which relate to proxies and apps like pandora, but they can be addresses at other locations on the net.

eta regarding tethering, what sunspace said.

Oh potato, potatoe same thing :smiley:

Great, that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

On to new business.

What app are you using for msn messenger.

Does itunes come with something that lets me port over my windows mobile data or do I sync the ipaq first , then disconnect the wm and connect the apple and let it sync with outlook.

While itunes is only available for mac and windows, have you heard of any linux application that would do roughly the same thing.

Last item for now, what’s the physical condition of your phone now and are you using anything to protect it. By physical condition I mean scratches on the touch screen and that sort of thing.

thanks for all the replys folks.


I can’t answer all your technical questions, but I’ve had my 3G iPhone since the day of release and it’s still in perfect condition. I bought a sleek leather case and I keep my iPhone in the case at all times when I’m not using it. If I take the phone out of the case, I rest it on the case so it rarely comes into contact with any surface that’s not the case or my hand.

I did get a transparent film for the screen (bought it at the Apple store) and my screen looks great! If it gets smudgy from fingerprints or face lotion, I just wipe the screen cover with a wetnap.