Getting out Coke stains

Anybody know a good way of removing Coke stains from a T-shirt? I’ve washed it twice and sprayed stain-remover on it but the stains are still there.

I don’t think the board allows discussion of illegal drugs.

I didn’t realize cocaine stained in the first place.

I use a product called Simple Green that usually gets rid of 'em. I don’t think it’s SUPPOSED to be used as a stain remover, but it works and doesn’t fade colors.

If they’ve been there for a long time, though, it might take a few washes.

I’m a total slob when it comes to eating; everyone in my family is. Even if we’re using perfect table manners and not shoveling food into our mouths, we wind up wearing it. We know a lot of crap about stain removal. :smiley:


Oxy Clean. I watched it work on a white t-shirt soaked in red wine. It worked.

Make a paste, rub it into the stain, wait for a while, re-apply, wait, rinse, and see what happens. It works on my stuff.

Whatever you do, don’t put it in the dryer until the stain is gone.

I recommend a straw and a nostril.

Oddly enough, pour pepsi over the spot. Works everytime.
Serious question, did you run it through the dryer? If so, you’ll have a much tougher time of it.

You sure it’s Coke?

The reason I ask, is that Coke (ok, Diet coke) stains wash right out of my clothes without even the need for using Spray & Wash or Shout or anything like that.

Can’t say that I’ve ever had a brown soft drink stain… regardless of if it’s regular or diet.