getting paint off of a liquor bottle...

to be even more specific the brand is 44 Degrees north
the only one I have seen is the huckleberry.

anyway I want to use the bottles for my flavored oils but dont want the label which is painted on. and I tried some industrial paint remover and let it sit for the recommended 10 min but it did nothing at all. I might leave it overnight but I figured I would post and see if any dopers had the same problem.

I’d suspect it’s not paint as such, but some kind of thermoplastic or enamel bonded to the glass. So paint remover is unlikely to work, as you found. I think you can buy paint remover specifically for enamel, which might work. If it is a plastic material, petrol (gasoline) might do the job, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope…

Maybe a razor blade?

hmmm a razor might work, its just more work than I wanted to do. I guess I will try heat as well, maybe gas and a razor.

If it’s a vinyl or enamal paint I’d be worried the the heat would either make it melt or burn it. Either of which might make it harder to remove. Another option could be to try sand paper, or at least scuffing it with sand paper and then trying the paint remover (naptha, WD-40, gasoline etc…)

:“Goof-Off” removes a wide range of coatings, is non-toxic (smell overpoweringly sweet, thouth), and avail. in small bottles (see top shelf) in HOme Defot (shuddddeeerrr)

You can try brake fluid if you have some in the garage. It’s pretty harsh stuff. Have you tried acetone already?

Seconding acetone.