Getting paper mail electronically or vurtually

Does any Doper use a service where the company assigns a phyical mailbox in the USA when the mail is received the company, scans the envelopes and opens the mail scans the contents and emails the scan to you. Then you can decide whether to keep the mail or have it shredded.

A couple Aussie friends have it but their mailboxes are in Austraila where the comapny is located.

I’ve never used such a service, but a quick Google of mail scanning services suggests that there are quite a few companies in the US that will do this for you.

Scroll down this page for reviews of a few of them.

Could be useful if you were out of the country or even traveling.

I forged my son’s signature on his City of Pittsburgh tax return when he was in Malta. It would have never made it back in time through the mail. Oh, he was due a 1 cent refund which they wouldn’t pay. I checked the box to apply it to the next years return.

Thanks for this:)