Getting Planescape: Torment to work on Vista?

So I’ve heard for a while about how spectacular Planescape: Torment was, and masterofnone was nice enough to send me a copy of his. However, it doesn’t seem to be playing nice with Vista, even after adding Qwinn’s tweaks and patches. The intro cutscenes work fine, and I’m able to create a character, but as soon as it tries to load the game after character creation, it crashes.

So far I’ve tried:

  • Setting compatibility mode to every different operating system (Win95 through XP)
  • Running it as an administrator
  • Changing the INI file as described here

My graphics card (nVidia GeForce 8800GS) doesn’t allow me to change hardware acceleration settings. I am using the 4-disc version of PS:T.

I’ve downloaded Microsoft Virtual Machine, but I’m a little hesitant to try it. Has anyone had the same problem I have and managed to fix it? Google has been of very little help.

Edit: I guess it would make sense to show my setup: HP Pavilion d4996t, Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, 2 GB RAM.

I’m not familiar with Qwinn’s patches. I assume it crashes just the same without them?

Planescape runs fine on my vista laptop, a Dell with a geforce go 7400 (so, shitty). Check your drivers. Uninstall them, run a driver sweeper app (I use one called “DriverSweeper” in fact) and reinstall.

It seems stupid that uninstalling drivers isn’t the same as cleaning them off your system, but I’ve had previously unresolvable crashes cure themselves after a sweep.

I got it running without a problem on my laptop, which is running the 64-bit Vista Home Premium, and I just wanted to second the suggestion to try uninstalling, cleaning, and re-installing.

I’ve never done this before, Discipline. Would you be kind enough to offer more step-by-step directions? Is there any chance of screwing up my graphics doing this?