Getting rid of birds nest fungus

I’ve got some hens and chicks (succulent plant, not birds) in my beloved grandmother’s old pot. This spring, I added some dirt to the top of it, because it was getting a little low. The dirt had some wood chips in it. This was obviously a mistake.

Enter what I think at first are wasps building a nest in my hens and chicks. I remove all the little pods. They come back. I notice little black “seeds” inside the pods and decide to do some research. Apparently, I have [WARNING: If you’re freaked out by lotus boob, you may not want to look.] birds nest fungus. Also apparently, some fungiphiles are quite excited about this fungus. Ech.

It doesn’t seem to be hurting the plants, but I want it gone. I planted the hens and chicks after my grandmother died, in remembrance of her. She always used to keep them on her porch and I loved playing with them as a child. Now, it’s like I have a pot of lotus boob on my porch. Any gardeners know how I can get rid of it without hurting my plants?

Leave them. They’re going to be tough to get rid of, and they are harmless.

You compared that to lotus boob? Yeesh.