Getting rid of Chlorine smell on skin

I’ve started going to a water exercise class. My skin smells like Chlorine afterward. How can I get rid of that smell?

Shower after class? :dubious:

The shower after swimming has not seemed to be very helpful in getting rid of the Chlorine odor.

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I haven’t found a solution yet. The chlorine is trapped in your skin pores, and releases slowly. Getting an additional sweat on after the swim (and before your shower) can help, but is not always practical. I tend to just live with it - as fair as I can tell, no-one actually cares, it is not B.O or anything unpleasant. Whatever you do, don’t try to cover the chlorine with clouds of deodorant - that is a odour problem far worse than the chlorine itself.


Ivory Soap. So far, it’s the only thing that’s worked on me. Bar, not gel or liquid.

Wet yourself down before you get into the pool, that can help.

I’ve seen a few bodywashes over the years that claim to help with “chlorine residue”. Don’t recall the names, and never tried them, because a good shower with a decent soap tends to do it for me.

It’s hair that I notice holds on to the chlorine scent the most, particularly when it’s re-wetted. But after growing up with brassy, metallic hair because I swam so much, I’m in the habit of using UltraSwim shampoo & conditioner after swimming. My hairstylist still knows when I have or haven’t been swimming, but no chlorine scent at least.

Silly Question: Why would you want to? Is it that annoying? I’m only asking because sometimes a very light smell of chlorine can smell amazing on a woman.

I tried this today and it helped a lot. Thanks :slight_smile:

It is a very light smell. And ,yes, I do find it annoying. I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I’m trying to find a way to exercise more, and any excuse I can eliminate will help. Dammit, where is my endorphin “high”-never have had one.

Ok. Best of luck on the exercise routine; 21 days forms the habit and all that.

Stop being some germ ridden. You get out of a chlorinated pool, and the chlorine is still wiping out little buggers on you. That’s the smell of germ/cell death, baby. That’s what ‘chlorine smell’ is. It’s death, not chlorine. Stop being some darn dirty! :smiley:

There are ‘sports shampoos’ (I buy the kid version for my daughter in the summertime, since she loves to swim) that claim to wash the chlorine out of your hair. It seems to work on her hair. I wonder if using that kind of shampoo (L’Oreal makes one, but so does Suave, and Suave is a lot less expensive) as a ‘first pass’ body wash might help?

How the heck did I turn “so” into “some” twice?! :smack:

Oh, so its not the chlorine smell that is bothering me, its really the multitude of tiny screams from the dying germs. maybe some earplugs would help

…and whatever you do, don’t click this link

Okay, big bump guys. I was just researching how to get the chlorine smell out of my zombies and this thread crawled out of the ground.

Seriously. I go to the gym now. Yay!!! Got a plan from my Medicare supplement plan. They have a pool, spa, everything. And it all comes home with me. The smell, I mean. I wash before I swim. Wash there after I swim. Then I have to wash again really good when I get home. And I’m sitting here and I can smell it on my hands (everything else is covered up), and I’m really not liking it. I’m seeing a few products recommended. (No linkey, no spam no confirmation bias.) Just wondering if, in the last six years, anyone HERE has learned any insight into this.