Getting rid of mice without killing them?

Don’t get a cat-get a little Yorkshire Terrier. Yeah, one of those little rag dogs. BUT…they’re wicked tough when it comes to rodents-my gramma had one who would catch and kill rats!

Also, cats kill mice very cruelly by torturing them. A yorkie will just shake them and break their necks-very quick.


Eastern Massachusetts
Cooperative Extension
240 8eaver Street
Waltham 02154-8096
(617) 891 -0650

Hope they are still there (Waltham isn’t in 617 anymore). That would be the nearest city with anything close to farming in it close to Boston, come to think of it. (the rest of the towns you mentioned are a bit of a haul).

Thanks. Exterminators coming tomorrow but if the critters can’t take a hint, I’ll look these guys up. Thanks very much for your help!!! (the rest of you too)

A cat will kill a few of the little critters, but mainly gets rid of mice by making the situation too lively for them, causing them to seek lodging elsewhere.

Send them an eviction notice.

jmullaney – you live in Somervile? Heck, I used to work near there until last fall. Lived in Cambridge and in Medford, but the worst I had were cockroaches. Sorry to hear about mice. (In “The Great Railway Bazaar” Paul Thereaux compares the triple-deckers in Somerville to the slums of India. Must be the mice.)

What you need to do get yourself a gecko. No, wait a minute, that’s for another problem.
Seriously though, since my cat moved in I haven’t seen evidence of any mice. None, and there were several before. Never saw him catch one though.
I agree that the mice probably just don’t want to reckon with the cat.
Besides, cats are good company, as long as you do exactly as they tell you.

No, no, no, a gecko will work! An adult Tokay gecko (10"+)
will be more than happy to consume baby mice. However, it
wont kill the adults, so livetraps will be needed(Wouldnt
want to kill the gecko now, would we?).

[hijack]Nope. There’s no more counties in Mass., AFAIK. All county government was abolished in 1999/2000. County functions have now gone to the state level.

Baby mice my butt. This sucker looks like he’d take on the cat.
According to the description, this gecko is likely to attack his owner.
I repeat, get a cat. :wink: