New Poster Needs HELP, please be kind! [re: mice]

This is my first post here, so please treat me gently, okay? This may not be the usual sort of question, but I’m frantic for help.

We just returned home after a week away to find our kitchen infested with mice. In the last 4 days we’ve caught 14 of the little suckers! I REALLY HATE this, and I want to be RID of them! I can’t use poison because I’m afraid my two (useless) cats might eat their little dead bodies. We’re using a variety of traps, but I want to do more. Any suggestions on ridding the house of them without harming our (useless) cats? For what it’s worth, we’ve stopped up every little opening we could find to keep more from coming in. We’ve even removed all the food from the house except the canned stuff for our two (useless) cats.

Please… creative ideas anyone?

RamonaQuimby, mouse hater

take away the cat food. They’ll learn quick enough.

If the infestation is that bad, I’d recommend a professional exterminator. (While they’re there, you may want to consider having them take a look at your (useless) cats.)

Actually, we did consider that. The problem there is that, as useless as they are, those two felines are my babies… the same ones who sleep with us at night and rub their little faces all in ours. The thought of them having mouse breath is kinda repulsive, you know?

RamonaQuimby, useless cat lover

ARGH! You posted while I was typing, jti, and now I fear it looks like I considered having the exterminator “take care of” my kitties! No, no, no! I didn’t mean that! I meant we actually did consider removing their food from the house…

RamonaQuimby, mouse hater

well then don’t complain that your cats are useless.

I once had a serious mouse problem in a house I previously lived in. I bought one of those ultrasonic plug-in things and after I plugged it in I never saw another mouse. Many people will tell you there’s no proof they work, but based on my own individual experience you might want to at least try it. You’ll want to check though to make sure it doesn’t affect the cats.

I think she was implying that her cats were useless for mousing, so don’t suggest that her cats take care of the problem.

All said, I would tell you to plug up any holes larger than a quarter, set out traditional spring & wood traps and if that doesn’t work, call a professional. you did the right thing by removing the food source, but if they’ve nested in the walls or something by this point, they’re there to stay until a greater power removes them. By the sound of “14 mice in a day”, it seems like it’s a greater problem than a home remedy can handle.

“I guess one person can make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Is either of your cats named Garfield by any chance?

Out on the farm we used to try leaving out dishes of a carbonated beverage, on the theory tham mice cannot burp and carbonated soda makes them dead.

Perhaps hold a “sleepover” with an experienced mousing feline…

Little Nemo, bought one of those myself last year and it works fairly well. I will say that there must be some mice that are either deaf or it has little effect on because I do occasionally have to set a trap. It did however cut down the numbers and frequency of mouse visits drastically. Frankly I like a trap that kills them where I can pick them up and dump them out the door. The last thing you want is a dead mouse in your walls. they stink the place up big time. Last time I saw the plug-in variety they were running about $20.

I would think that the use of the adjective “useless” in the case of a cat is a bit redundant.

Heh, heh, heh.

Having had some experience with mice and rats, I have two suggestions:

  1. Forget poison. I’ve had to move my furniture in order to get dead mice from underneath. It’s no fun. (Having dead mice inside the walls would be even worse, but this hasn’t happened to me.) Don’t use spring traps because your cats will “explore” them and gets their paws broken. :frowning: Mice carry all sorts of diseases. It’s a bad idea to let your cats eat them.

  2. Use LOTS of glue traps. Make sure they’re good, strong glue traps. Many traps on the market can’t hold a mouse - you see in the morning that the trap has been moved a few feet and there’s mouse hair on it, but no mouse. Bait them with real stinky cheese from a deli (in my experience, Bertenhaler(sp?) worked best). Hope your cats stay out. With enough glue traps, you can kill of the whole infestation.

Hmmmm… your cats must be related to mine… but even mine occasionally catch a mouse.

The best mouse trap I’ve found is the homemade one. You need the following:

1 bucket (empty drywall buckets work well, otherwise any bucket large enough that a mouse can’t climb out.

1 piece of wire (such as a straightened out clothes hanger)

1 empty soda or beer can

1 piece of wood long enough to go from the floor to the top of the bucket, and sturdy enough to hold a mouse or two. This will hereby be referred to as the “mouse ladder”

Peanut butter


Put a small hole in the closed end of the soda can. String the wire through the soda can. Place wire/soda can across the top of the bucket - I usually drill a couple holes along the lip of the bucket and string the wire through because that holds it in place better. Put a few inches of water in the bottom of the bucket. Place mouse ladder so that miceys can climb up it from the floor to the lip of the bucket.

Smear a small amount of peanut butter on the mouse ladder. Smear a large amount of peanut butter on the soda can. Place whole contraption in mouse infested area every night.

Usage (for the mice, although they usually figure this out themselves)

Yummm! Peanut Butter! Mousey climbs up ladder, munching peanut butter as he/she goes. Upon reaching top of ladder, mousey sees huge glob of peanut butter on can. Mousey takes flying leap from the lip of the bucket to land on soda can. Soda can rotates, mousey falls into water. Mousey drowns.

The best part of this trap is that a) it works, and b) you can catch all 14 mice in one trap, given a couple nights.

I would add just one small thing…
mice find their way back to your kitchen by following their own scent trails. I have recently had to plug up my place too against mice (cold weather). So - use someting like Lysol for cleaning and removing the mice trails. Also, this is really good for you the human, because of the diseases that can be carried in mice feces. Once the trails are gone, the mouse has no way of knowing or remembering the way to your food area.
Good luck!


*Oh No - Not another learning experience!

Napalm should do the trick.

UGH! Eliminate the water in the bucket trap! Drowning is a horrible way for anything to die. Just pour the live ‘meeces’ out of the bucket about a mile away in some patch of woods.

Years ago, they sold ‘rat shot’ for .22 pistols and rifles. They were crimped tipped rounds containing very fine shot, like almost sand. Miniature shotgun rounds. Have some fun. Buy some beer, get a .22 rifle, load in 19 rounds of rat shot, drink the beer and sit up and with some bait somewhere, have some target practice. It kills quickly, though I assume it might leave a mess but if you don’t like your neighbors, it will provide them with hours of entertainment as you shoot erratically into the night and belch the beer. Rat shot only has an effective range of yards and will not penetrate walls, though it might knock a pickle jar over at 10 feet.

If that fails, then use the Florida Red Neck version. Get a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and chase it with beer, load up the old .12 gauge shotgun with .00 buckshot and fire away. By morning, you should be able to see the junk cars in the lawn through the new holes in the walls and the local police will finally have been able to test out their unused SWAT team - which they will appreciate. Plus, any surviving mice will have had the shit scared out of them and will be headed over to your neighbors.

Thanks for all the excellent replies. I plan to try all of them. Well, I may hold off on the napalm and the shotgun for another couple of days. I especially appreciate the homemade mousetrap instructions, Athena. I plan on having one of those babies in place before tomorrow night. That’s just too cool not to try. (Sorry, Sentinel. At this point I don’t care if the little bastards drown. As a matter of fact, I rather like the idea.) Also, I read elsewhere that a 50/50 mixture of flour and plaster-of-paris would stop the little critters cold without harming the (useless but loved) cats.

The amazing thing is that after catching 15 meece in 5 days, today all the traps were empty. Frankly, I suspect they logged on here last night and saw what was in store for them. Or, more than likely, they have just temporarily retreated to reformulate their strategy. I’m not gonna be convinced we’re mouse-free until those traps are empty for at least a week, so any further suggestions are as welcome as ever.

RamonaQuimy, mouse hater

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Beezus sends her regards. Henry & Ribsy, too.

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