HELP, HELP, HELP! I need Cat help! URGENT!

GingeroftheNorth got here Wednesday, and as you might imagine, I am very excited. Things are going well, with one big exception: The cats. She had told me she was allergic, but agreed to see if there was anything the doctor could recommend for her. It turns out she was just being very nice, because she feels bad asking me to give up pets I’ve had for so long. Well, that’s not important anymore. She’s VERY allergic- hives and can’t breath type allergic, even though the cats have been kept in a seperate room from her. They have to go NOW.

So. Is there anyone out there who can take two neutered male cats? They are both sweethearts, they’ll prolly love you to death. They don’t spray or cause any other problems for anyone. All I care about is getting them a good home. If you’re far away, I’ll ship them. If you’re anywhere within a full days drive of Baltimore, I’ll drive them to you myself. Please, can anyone help?


OH man, our apratment wont let us or we would have you ship them here. We love cats and have paid a crap load to keep them at the apartment (over $500) to the apartment and some more in bribes lol. It’s really great you want to find them a good home I respect you very much for that.

I would love to help you out, Dave, but our house is fairly full as it is: both parents, four teenagers (well, I’m 20, but still:)), three dogs. And my mother is both very allergic to cats and asthmatic, and my sisters are, to a lesser extent, though not as bad.

One note on Dave’s cats, though: I am really not a big cat fan. I have met maybe four cats in my life (and I’ve met a LOT of people who thought their cats would “cure” my fear/hate of cats…) with whom I felt comfortable.

Both of Dave’s are on that list. They’re fabulous.

Is there a place to board them? some vets do boarding, did you ask yours?

Boarding isn’t really an option. I can not breathe, and we need a permanent solution. I’m sad to have to make Dave get rid of them, but I can not live in a constant state of gasping for air.

I’m looking.

If it’s a short term home, like someone else is willing to take them, but needs a couple days to make arrangements, I can keep them for a little while.

I’ve already got three, and I’ve no space for even one more perminant kitty.

Folks, if any of you out there are on the fence, let me reiterate: I’ve met them, and these are sweet kitties.

I already have 4 cats and a big doggie :frowning: My husband won’t let me get any more :frowning: :frowning:

I wish I could ! I’m so torn :frowning:

Well shit.

If I was already in the country, I would love to have em. As it is, I’m not leaving for 3-4 weeks. sigh Are they indoor kits? We’re planning on getting some cats anyhow - were going to wait until we had a bigger place, but his apartment is more than big enough for 2 neutered toms.

Ginger, I have a few q’s for ya about the imm stuff (glad to see you made it easily enuf :slight_smile: )


I’m sorry! I forgot to send you the link to the feline rescue groups!


That’s a number of them and any of them should be able to point you to people who will help you out.

Again, sorry, man.


Ok, I’m checking with a friend of mine who has expressed an interest in getting a cat - I’ll see if she can up it to two. :frowning:

I’m sorry I can’t help, but Ginger and I are kinda in the same boat in the cat depeartment.

Damn you alergies, damn to you hell!

Are they outdoor or indoor cats?

Indoor cats.

I am sorry to say I can’t take them but I have a question. How does shipping a cat, or other animal, work exactly? Is there a special service that does this?

Wierddave, want me to post your dilemma on my soapmaker’s list? There are about 2000 people there, and lots of animal lovers. Y’never know who might be looking for a couple of good cats.
I wish I had room here; I’d take your kitties in a heartbeat if I didn’t have 3 already (and 4 dogs, too!).
Hang in there; something will turn up.

I can ask my wife to help you find a new home for 'em. She lives in Annapolis, MD.

Do u ship to the United Kingdom ???

Any and all help is appreciated, ask your friends, tell the neighbors!

You can’t ship pets from the U.S. to the U.K., due to rabies (and the fact the U.K. doesn’t have the disease in the country and doesn’t want it). Well, you can, but then they have to be in quarantine for a long time (weeks or months).

I’d take 'em DAVE, but I’m another one allergic to them. Sorry.

ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!! I want to, but I can’t. Can’t afford it, don’t have room, etc. Man, those are BEAUTIFUL cats - I am so in love with Sisko, just based on that picture! Good luck! I’ll ask around, but I don’t really know who might be able to take them… :frowning:

Angie and I would love to help but we’re afraid our four birds would disappear.