I need some cat people to help me out here....

I’m going to get to a point eventually - just bear with me, please.

Once upon a time I was married. Then he got a girlfriend and I moved back home. During the marriage we acquired both a cat and a dog. He got the dog, and I got the cat. Bum deal, I know, but I knew I had a place for the cat but had no clue what I’d do with a dog once I got home. The dog and the cat were quite chummy - playing and teasing and fighting with each other - and I was a little worried when I separated them. I needn’t have worried, however, as…

…my parents had a cat. Her name is Otis, and she weighs 20-something pounds. Otis is kinda weird, but so is my cat, and after they figured out that if they teamed up they could really wreak havoc on the mental state of dad’s new puppy they got along famously. After I built up enough savings I moved into an apartment in town. Knowing that my cat has always had a playmate of some sort I kinda started searching for another pet, and an acquaintance offered…

…her cat! YAY! Dammit now has a friend. Here’s the problem: I hate the damned thing. Every time I touch her - no, scratch that - every time I look at her she meawrs at me. You know how cats go lay over there someplace? Not this thing - recently she’s taken to curling up on my feet when I’m at my computer :mad: Cats aren’t supposed to do that, are they? Plus, Dammit beats the crap out of her - she constantly has scabs on her neck and back from him beating on her. I’ve never seen her actually SLEEP - she kinda just dozes, and I don’t think that’s healthy for her.

Anyhow, I’m seriously thinking about taking her out to the farm - let her run around in the free open air. The only reason I haven’t done that yet is…

…Dammit. He’s always had a buddy. Right now he doesn’t have a buddy, he has a chew toy.

Down to my question:

Will removing that fucking annoying cat from my home cause Dammit problems? Will he start spraying or eating stuff or doing other weird cat things? Will I start seeing cat feces in places other than his litter box?

Any advice appreciated…

Geez, sandy, sounds like the little thing is probably miserable. But some cats are very affectionate like that. Two of mine are. (One only is when she wants to be.) Dammit will probably adjust to being an only cat. Some of them prefer it. The only way to know is to try it. If it doesn’t work, get him someone of his own size and temperament from the Humane Society or something. That way he’ll have a rough-and-tumble friend and you won’t have a foot-warmer. And the other little cat will be happier, too. That’s just my $.02.

Wait - I need to clarify something here, after re-reading my OP.

I am not cruel to this annoying cat. I do my best to treat them equally. But when Dammit is after attention and I oblige, he leaves if the new cat comes close. If the new cat is after attention and I oblige, she leaves if Dammit comes close. I really don’t think they like each other, but I do occasionally see them licking/grooming each other. The problem is, I more often see Dammit chasing, swiping at, and attacking the new cat.

Just wanted to make that clear…

My cats grew up together and when one died this spring, the other has been fine. She is a little “talkier” than she was when she had a buddy, but otherwise she seems fine.

I agree with TroubleAgain–try Dammit out and then if he is too lonely, get him a buddy. He might like being an only cat. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t herd animals.

I assume that “taking her out to the farm-let her run around in the free open air” means finding a new home for the other cat. It sounds like she and Dammit are not the best match.

Good luck.

I never thought you were being cruel, sandy, just that you didn’t enjoy having a cat that demanded that amount of attention/affection. How long have you had “new cat”? If it is only a couple of months, and you want to keep “new cat”, keep trying. My elder-cat, Trouble, stopped being openly hostile to my newer kitten/cats after about 4-5 months. Now they get along pretty well. He’s even sort of buddies with one of them. He still only tolerates the female, though, for the most part. And he never misses a chance to put them in “their place” when he thinks they need it. Good luck to you, Dammit, sandy, and “new cat”.

I agree completely with Brynda and TroubleAgain. There’s no sense in you having a cat you don’t want if you can find her another home. One question though – why did your acquaintance want to get rid of this cat in the first place? I think I would have been a little suspicious. :slight_smile:

Trouble - TWO YEARS. It’s only recently that she’s gotten really flaky.

Serendipity - yup, have been wondering about that myself. :smiley:

Brynda - taking her out the farm involves a drive out to my parents’ place and letting her go in the barn. No lead poisoning involved. :wink:

A couple of months ago she started using the bath tub rather than the litter box. :mad: Before Dammit jumps on my lap he looks around to make sure the new cat isn’t in sight - it’s kinda like he’s sneaking in to get my attention. The only reason I haven’t gotten rid of her before this is that I was worried Dammit would go nuts.

Off she goes, then…YAY!

One thing to think about before taking an indoor cat to the farm for the winter, does it still have time to get “haired up”? My sister talks about this, that indoor pets don’t have the same thickness of coat that outdoor pets do, something to do with it gradually thickening as the weather gets colder.

You might be able to ask a vet about this. I take my sister’s word on most of these kinds of things, because she has her animals at the vet so often, she has probably put several of their (veterinarians’) kids through college with the amount of money she spends. But you might want to call someone to check for sure.

Good luck.