Getting rid of Windows XP search program.

I hate the Windows XP search program.

It is slow, treats you like an idiot, and is overly complicated.

How/can I get rid of it? I want somthing similar to the Win98 search program.

From a [url=“http://www.lockergnome,com” Lockergnome newsletter from a while back:

I’ve done this, it works. Sounds like the compressed files are what’s slowing stuff down.

oops, screwed up the url - Lockergnome

I posted a similar message in Usenet. I’ll post it here in hopes that maybe somebody has an idea.

If in explorer I right click on a drive and click Search… a new dialog box is
brought up.

However, if while in explorer I hit the F3 key or I use the Windows Key / F
combination it brings up the search dialog on the left side of explorer. Can
I make is so that F3 & the windows key / F key combo open up a new dialog as
described at the top of this message?

here you go (read the last few paras, make a keyboard shortcut to the saved search file):

i haven’t tested this with XP, but it seems like it should work in XP too…