Getting the cologne stink out of one of those high tech polyester sports shirts

I have a Nike polo style pullover sport shirt made of “Dri-Fit” polyester/cotton blend material I picked up at a local thrift in seemingly brand new condition. It fits perfectly, but it has been washed 3 times now and still retains a very noticeable odor of whatever atomic powered cologne the previous owner used.

For my experience in the 70’s once polyester garments got stinkified by BO or perfume etc. it was game over. Is that still the case in 2011?

As a side note how the hell does the material hold onto smells like that? Cotton sure can’t do that.

I haven’t had this exact problem, but try vinegar. Run some water into your washing machine and add a cup of vinegar. Let it soak for an hour or more, then wash.

If it helps, but isn’t quite enough, go longer. I soaked some mysteriously stinky t-shirts for about ten hours. It worked miracles.