Getting the (Inexpensive) Cape Codder Platter at Red Lobster.

They don’t offer that at my RL, either. Could you please define the Cape Codder Platter?

If I’m going to enjoy your meal by proxy, I’m gonna need more details.

For some people, a full meal is too big unless you plan on taking some home in a doggie bag. An appetizer may be just right, as Goldilocks said.

Heh. My brother sheepishly confessed last week that he remarked to his wife that he wondered why there aren’t any in NH and she stared at him until the light bulb above his head slowly went off and he realized that there is little appeal in that sort of chain considering we live in the land of local seafood. :smiley:
But OP, I like your idea. I hate fish, but I do make a meal out of appetizers at Chinese food places, and no one bats an eye. I’m sure no one thinks your order is strange either.

Well now that you got me all excited about it I checked our local RL and they don’t offer said platter :frowning: I think it’s an excellent idea though.

I can not find it either, though Kansas has a pizza I would love to try.

We’ve been to at least one restaurant - I don’t recall if it was a chain or a local place - that would add a surcharge if you got an appetizer as an entree. It was quite a while ago, so it may have been a short-term fluke, but I thought it was a rather unpleasant move. Has anyone else ever encountered this practice?

I noted it above, usually they tell you that you’re getting a slightly larger portion. Even if its the same size, I would pay a small, reasonable bit extra since it is a menu change.

Almost every Mexican restaurant I’ve been to that serves carne asada fries lists them as an appetizer.

The way they’re usually served, it’s usually enough to make a full meal for two, and it’s usually priced a dollar or two less than a combo meal.

Guess what I order most of the time?

There’s a sign in my RL that says something to the effect of, “The East Coast’s best seafood.” I find it hilarious because our west coast seaffod ain’t too bad! But apparently we need some from the east coast, too. :smiley:

carne asada** fries**


In a Mexican…

What is this I don’t even…

I’ve been eating appetizers as a light meal in restaurants for decades. I don’t always want a full meal, sometimes just a large snack, and appetizers can do just that.

At the local Mediterranean place I eat appetizers more often than entrees, enough so that the servers are mildly surprised when I opt for an entree.

It’s Cal-Mex fusion at it’s finest. The Mexican places in San Diego always used to (don’t know if they still do, it’s been awhile since I’ve been back) offer hamburgers and cheeseburgers on the menu as a concession to the people who got dragged there by friends and weren’t really in the mood for Mexican food. And since they had burgers, well, obviously they had to have fries as well. And since they had fries, it was only gonna be a matter of time before some ingenuitive and/or stoned patron asked if they could get their super nachos with that fried starchy vegetable instead of with the other fried starchy vegetable they usually come on…

…long story short it’s delicious and it’s technically an appetizer and I love it.

Never in my life have I made the transition from not knowing something existed to wanting it in my belly as fast as this revelation that “carne asada fries” are extant.

I’m still craving the Cape Codder Platter, and I don’t even goddamn know what’s on it!

I can’t find a Cape Codder anywhere on the Red Lobster website.

AW - You have no idea. Just about everyplace in San Diego has an iteration of carne asada fries, and they’re all delicious/messy/fattening.

Not on the Seattle area menu either…

I’ll be in Temucula in July. I will be looking. Thanks!

Something smells fishy.

Does it really matter what the name of the appetizer is? Maybe it’s the Seaside Sampler, maybe it’s the Crispy Calamari and HOLY SHIT 1660 CALORIES!!!

Why are fried calamari and vegetables twice the calories of fried cheese!

Petco Park




Literally, they are everywhere. In Temecula, try Fresh MXN/Santana’s.