Dollar Store lobster pate!

Yes, it’s true, I saw on the shelf tiny cans of Giovanni’s Lobster Spread with Cognac at the Dollar Tree. Alongside cans of Shrimp Spread. The lobster is available on Amazon and that’s all I know (it got one 4-star review). One is accustomed to finding gaudy gift bags, 50 cent greeting cards, paper thin dishtowels, and no-name pork rinds in the dollar store, but this is something different. 50/50 chance of being inedible/tasteless, but I couldn’t resist.

Don’t know if it’s related but I read that Lobster supply is much higher than demand right now which has driven the price of lobster to its lowest in history. That is why many fast food places have started serving lobster.

Fast food lobster? If only! I did see 1 lb. lobsters advertised this week at a grocery store for $4.99 a pound, but of course you don’t get a whole pound of lobster meat in a whole lobster.

God help me, I would eat that.

Really. I need another disposable paint brush. I could make it a twofer. And if it’s awful my dogs would eat it, but I couldn’t tell my wife because she’s already pissed at what I let them eat.

BTW, you can induce vomiting in a dog with hydrogen peroxide. Dogs like to puke so they can eat it again, but you have to grab it and throw it out before they can.

Lobsters have livers?

Lobsters have livers, but they call them tomaleys.
If the fast-food restaurants are picking up on them, this might interest Taco Bell…